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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Welcome to Puerto Princesa, Palawan!

Name of Trip: Palawan Eco-Adventures 2010
Date: February 27 - March 2, 2010
Destination: Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Travel via: Air (Philippine Airlines), Land (van, tricycle), Water (motorboat)

Welcome to Palawan

This is actually one of my dream vacation. A big thanks to the promo of airlines nowadays, this trip was pushed through our luck of availing airline promos. We are group of 13 members but on a different flights. So we spent our first day on traveling and arriving to the capital of Palawan, Puerto Princesa City.

Palawan. Source: Wikipedia

This city was one of the largest in terms of area in the country and at the same time one of the cleanest and greenest city in the Philippines. Our way to Puerto Princesa was divided by three batches. I belong to the first batch and we were 4 of them. Second batch was 8 and the last batch was only one. We booked flight differently but make sure that all of us were at Palawan on February 27.

Tip: The best thing on getting airline promo fares by subscribing to their newsletter because on that information, they will notify you ahead before they launch it to different websites or other ads. On their website, there was a tab for subscribing newsletter. Just click it and then indicate your email address and that's it. You will receive an email for confirmation and you will now receive info about promo fares from then on.

On February 27, four of us (1st batch) went to NAIA Terminal 2 since our flight was Philippine Airlines. We went to check-in area at 06:50AM at the counter bound for Puerto Princesa. I asked the staff on what aircraft to be used. He told me that due to numerous passengers (so I expected that the flight was full), the airplane was upgraded to Airbus 330-300. I informed him to have our window seats but the staff said that there were no available spaces so we were seated at the middle.

Helpful Tips: Window, middle or aisle seats? Actually, the staff at the check-in counter will not bother to ask you those things. But if you want to have a seat for your convenience, inform the staff ahead. However, there were special seats that were not allowed such as the front seats (which has more legroom) and in the middle (which also has more legroom). These are premium seats. There will be an additional payment for that. Sometimes for having a greater view,  passengers printed the seating arrangement of the aircraft which can be downloaded at the airline website and show it to the staff.

Flight Information Display at Southwing, NAIA Terminal 2

our check-in counter

Sir? Window seats?

Pre-Departure area

my boarding pass

waiting for boarding at Gate S1

it's a full flight

We paid PHP200 Terminal fee and headed to our Gate S1 for final boarding. We roamed around the terminal and ate some breakfast until the announcement made at 7:20AM.

Flight Number: PR195
Route: Manila-Puerto Princesa
Airline: Philippine Airlines
Aircraft: Airbus 330-300
Flying Time: 60 minutes
Departure Time: 0800H
Arrival Time: 0900H

boarding time!

my batchmates in this flight: Pao, Reggie and Gina

PAL aircraft

seated at 62F (Foxtrot)

enjoy seating on full flight

video map

Our flight was smooth due to good weather condition. Departure was on time and we landed at Puerto Princesa after an hour. I wasn't able to take photos since I was not seated at the window. The moment we arrived at the airport, I felt more excited.

Welcome to Puerto Princesa Airport!

going down from this aircraft

that's our plane from Manila

Thank you for a safe travel

fully crowded baggage claim area

airport facade

Arrival area

Their banner

Palawan Provincial Capitol

We were welcomed by May, one of the staff on the travel agency we booked c/o Gina. She welcomed us and we boarded a Toyota Hi-Ace van and proceed to our hotel. Before we went here, we already had an arrangement with the travel agency and part of the package was the airport-hotel-airport transfers.

the of our hotel

inside the hotel

We checked-in and we registered our name since according to the staff of the hotel, our names were submitted to the provincial government as part of visitors and attendance just in case it might happen to us here (hope it's not). Actually, this was part of the 4D/3N package that we availed at Petal Tours. There was also free breakfast that we may choose ahead of time. One crew served us welcome drinks and we enjoyed it. However, since we were hungry and wanted to eat heavy meal, we asked the crew and May about the best restaurant to eat, we rode again the van and headed to this place, Badjao Seafront Restaurant.

arrived to this restaurant

entrance to the restaurant

Batch 1 group picture

picture again!

entrance along mangrove trees

Dayon Camo (Please come)

the restaurant name

cool breeze

restaurant along the seafront

nice interiors

Happy eating!

Take our lunch


Food was great and the thing that we liked was the ambiance because of its surroundings. Price was a bit pricey but I like the design of the restaurant. No wonder many tourists flocked to this place for dining and enjoying the view. It is a worth visit. More info on this restaurant:

Badjao Seafood Restaurant
Address: Abueg Street, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Telephone Number: 048-4339912

Check out my ratings:

Score base: 1 - Dissatisfied; 2 - Somewhat dissatisfied; 3 - Somewhat satisfied; 4 - Satisfied; 5 - Completely Satisfied

Location: 5 
Reason: Seafront, lots of mangrove trees, cool breeze air. More of a beach setting.

Interiors: 5 
Reason: Nice decorations. More of a Filipino touch. Homey feel. Love the seating arrangements.

Service: 5
Reason: They are very hospitable and they serve you with a smile. They show willingness to assist. 

Food: 4 
Reasons: Good food. Seafoods, vegetables and meat cooked into perfection. I love their calamares and sinigang.

Price: 3
Reason: A bit pricey on some items but the rest it's affordable.

Verdict: A recommended restaurant in Puerto Princesa City

We went back to the hotel and take some rests. After few hours, 2nd batch was arrived in the afternoon until the last batch arrived at 7:00PM. We took rest on that day in order to prepare ourselves on our trip the following day.

Continue to the next blog! :)

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