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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lunch at Matutina's Seafood House & Restaurant, Dagupan City

Date: October 4, 2009
Destination: Manaoag and Dagupan City, Pangasinan
Travel via: Coaster bus

Welcome to Matutina's Restaurant

A drive from Manaoag to Dagupan City took only 30 minutes. But our lunch was few minutes from the city proper. We finally arrived at Matutina's Restaurant 15 minutes from the city proper.

Matutina's Restaurant which for me is the one of the best restaurants in the country. Food here was very delicious. Dagupan is a bangus (milkfish) capital where they boast of the best tasting milkfish in the world. They celebrated Bangus Festival every April and May and Matutina's Restaurant was one of the winners in the making a meal out of bangus. 

The restaurant was situated in Bonuan district which is infront of Tondaligan Beach. We arrived there at 1PM. Good thing that I made a reservation on our way to the restaurant. 

Trivia: This place was featured in newspapers, magazines and television shows that is why many people flocked to this place especially when they go to Dagupan City. It is also a favorite restaurant of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo where everytime she went to Northern Luzon, she always drop by to this place to eat. There were two branches of the restaurant in Pangasinan, one is in Dagupan City and the other one is in National Highway in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan. It also expanding with one branch already started in Baguio City.

We ordered food once we seated. The menu was the array of different dishes but Seafoods remained as their top recommendation particularly bangus. We ordered seafoods, vegetables, meat and rice. While waiting, crew served us bukayo (Coconut candy) while waiting for our food. It took 15 minutes until our meals arrived at our table. We are group of 20 so our lunch looked like a feast.

picture while waiting for our food

picture with a little blurred

me and with my agents

one more time

hungry yet willing to take photos!

here comes our food!

busy eating

happy eating!

delicious food!

We offered delicious meals: crispy shrimp, adobong pusit (squid), Sinigang na Bangus Belly (Milfish belly in tamarind soup), Inihaw na Boneless Bangus (Grilled Boneless Bangus), Pinakbet (Stri-fried vegetables with Shrimp paste), Inihaw na Liempo (Grilled Pork Ribs), Bangus Sisig (Sizzling Milfish) and Chopsuey (Stir Fried vegetables - Chinese style). All of our food tasted great and we ordered more rice. Our bill was only close to PHP2500 and we are 20 people. It was a great deal. Meal was very affordable. 

Good food! :)

Interiors were also nice where it looked like that you are dining at home. Chairs and tables were made of wood so you could seat comfortably. Here are my ratings:

Score base: 1 - Dissatisfied; 2 - Somewhat dissatisfied; 3 - Somewhat satisfied; 4 - Satisfied; 5 - Completely Satisfied

Location: 4 
Reason: Great location, though it was few minutes from the city proper but still location was great.

Interiors: 4 
Reason: Great seating arrangement, nice decorations. Place was also clean.

Service: 4
Reason: They are very helpful and accommodating. However, they served food with a little longer that we've expected.

Food: 5 
Reasons: great food, one of the best I've tasted bangus. Vegetables are superb and crisp especially in Pinakbet. Adobong Pusit was heavenly.

Price: 5
Reason: Affordable meals plus great food.

Verdict: A highly recommended restaurant in Dagupan City

So if you are hungry while you are in Dagupan, make sure to drop by to this place and you will enjoy good Filipino food at affordable price. :)

Contact Details:

Matutina's Seafood House and Restaurant
Address: Bonuan Tondaligan Road, Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines
Contact Numbers: 0917-6421466 / 075-6143162

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