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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Baguio Reloaded - Travel at 10°C Temperature!

Date: December 13-14, 2009
Destination: Baguio City, La Trinidad, Benguet
Travel via: Land (bus, jeepneys, FX taxis)

Note: This is for archiving purposes. But still worth sharing. :)

Kennon Road on slopes of mountain

This was my second visit to Baguio for the year 2009. And this time with some of my team members. My nephew also joined us for two days. If you remember on my previous blogs, we went here last Summer but this time, we went to different and colder Baguio. As usual we left Manila at 12:00AM via Victory Liner and arrived at Baguio City at 06:00AM. We were greeted by a cool breeze on that morning. It was so cold and we immediately wore sweaters or jackets.

We stayed again at Trancoville  (one of Baguio districts) and we rest for a while until our rented jeepney arrived. Actually, some of places we didn't went last summer were visited during this trip. Here are some of the places we went:

1. Lourdes Grotto - as mentioned before, this was situated on the mountain that you have to climb 200+ steps until you reach the top. It was the shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes.

many stairs to climb...

before you reach the top...

2. Burnham Park - also called by the locals: Baguio Plaza. This was the center of activities. All jeepneys has a terminal to this area. You will see the man-made lagoon that you may rent a boat for PHP100 - unlimited time.

rent a boat?

paddle at the lagoon

picture with the group

picture again

3. SM City Baguio - one of the biggest landmark in Baguio. It was built on top of Luneta Hill overlooking Burnham Park. But do you think this mall was closer to the park? It's not because it will take you to different slopes until you reach to that place. This site was once occupied by Pines Hotel until it was burned down by fire last 1984.

veranda at SM City Baguio

at the elevator

picture time!

rest for a while

picture with Baguio at the background

Mommy Eva and Ghee

group pics

Baguio City dropped its temperature to 10°C during our visit so it was very cold for the whole night. We experienced fogs and we wore sweaters and jackets during our travel and even at our transient house in Trancoville. We even use this sleep during our sleep. This was maybe due to Christmas season and winter at the northern part of the world. We woke up as early as 5:00AM and to get ready for another travel in Baguio.

4. Bell Church - Taoist Temple - this was located at the boundary between Baguio City and La Trinidad, Benguet. Before we went to Strawberry farms, we went here first. It is my first to visit this place and I found this the other side of the typical places in Baguio. The moment we arrived here, we thought that we were in China. 

Ni Hao Baguio!

picture with Chinese characters at our background

wacky poses

the gate towards the temple

nice structure

another one

the temple

nice landscape

5. Strawberry Farm - along La Trinidad, Benguet. This was also one of the tourist destination that you will find strawberries and buy some fruits and vegetables. There were many stalls here that you will buy at low, low price. Sad thing that strawberries are not yet available so we find time to buy vegetables.

we bought our pasalubongs here

6. Laperal White House - we were intrigued at the white house when we passed on our way to Mines View Park. So we stopped to this place and we went at the gate. We felt eerie because of what it looked up close. But according to some locals, it is one of haunted house of the city.

took photo immediately

Did you see someone at this house?

7. The Mansion - it is one of the itinerary list when you will visit Baguio City. It is a vacation place of the Philippine president and his family during Christmas and Holy Week. During our visit, there were Christmas decors along the garden.

the history marker

the Wright Park across the Mansion

The Mansion

take some photos

8. Mines View Park - this is also a place that you need to visit. As stated before, it is a place where miners took some rests and overlook the mining place around them. It was very cold that time and we still managed to visit this place.

Welcome to Mines View

wearing headscarf with my nephew


Mines View

mountains with some houses built

hey, I'm on top of the world!

I will go there!

take a rest

picture with a big dog

We went back to the transient house. Took a rest for a while and headed back to another 3 destinations before we leave the city to Manila.

waiting for our jeepney

on board a jeepney

took photo

9. Kennon Road - famous for the steep, zig-zag road and it is one of the three major access road that lead to Baguio City. It was also considered s hazards especially during rainy season where landslides occur. The view on top of the Kennon Road was breathtaking especially if you see the zigzeg along the way.

Look at those roads!

slopes of the mountain

along the road

small replica of a house

sight seeing


another picture

10. Philippine Military Academy (PMA) - the center of military training for the cadets. My nephew was fan of this academy and he enjoyed roaming around this place. We also took some photos including the tree house.

the main building

the usual welcome salute

my nephew's own version

the headquarters

hand salute one time 

the tree house


at the mess hall

at the parade grounds

11. Camp John Hay - this place had a lot of activities inside. There was a Manor or a hotel, establishments such Pancake House, Starbucks and a lot more. What we enjoyed here which same as our trip last summer was those pine trees. You really feel the cool breeze of it.

arrived at Camp John Hay

roam around

nice view

sit along the grass 

After that, we went back again to the transient house and proceed to Victory Liner Bus Terminal in Baguio for our travel back to Manila. We left Baguio at 4:00PM and arrived in Manila at 10:00PM. It was fun and cold travel around the city. As I mentioned previously, Baguio ranks one of the best place that I will go for a vacation. Two in a row for the year 2009 is not bad and I am aiming for more. :)


Thank you again to Nica and Ben for allowing us to rent the transient house. It was truly amazing to stay there. To those who would like to rent this place, get their contact numbers:

 Nica Nana-Soriano - 09279646250 
 Ben Valerio - 09276072598

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