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Saturday, January 26, 2013

A General Santos Nightout with my Relatives

MagandanGensan! :)

It was a big pleasure of meeting and having a great time my relatives down south. All of them were hospitable and nice as we welcomed us from the start until the second day of our stay here. And by the way, some of my friends have already left on board Cebu Pacific and we went to General Santos airport, leaving me and Jayson since we will be leaving the next morning. 

The invitation came from my dear nephews and nieces here. We first met to Robinsons Gensan which was few meters from the house. After few minutes of staying, we immediately went to Asian Tongue Restaurant which was located few minutes from the mall. It was a nice place for dining and with great music. They also served affordable meals all day and all night.

to the Robinsons please

MagandanGensan (Beautiful Gensan)

Asian Tongue Restaurant

bonding with my nephews and nieces

waiting for our meals

dinner time! :)

picture time

another one

We enjoyed our dinner at Asian Tongue. During pay out time, my niece doesn't want me and Jayson to shoulder some of the bill. So it means a treat for us. Ah, it was so heart warming for them! :)

After that, we went to Blugre Coffee at JMP Building in downtown area. It was co-owned by Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao since we went to their building. The place was cozy and we immediately ordered our drinks. We had our chit chat while waiting for our drinks and it was like a  kamustahan to my dear nephews and nieces. We stayed a bit longer as we enjoyed the stories and laughter.  It was a great moment with them.  

sip and chat

enjoy our drink and laughter

and picture taking too! :)

Great bonding experience with them is somewhat expected. What I mean expected as always. I am looking for more bonding moments with them soon as I go to General Santos City someday and somehow. :)

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