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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Philippine Airlines Flight Review: CEB to MNL, December 2011

Business Class Boarding Pass to Manila

Note of these codes:
MNL - Manila
CEB - Cebu
PAL / PR - Philippine Airlines

I was very excited to try their Mabuhay (Business) Class of Philippine Airlines. My vacation in Cebu was great and worth the budget but my travel back to Manila was more expensive since I tried the Business Class of the flag carrier. It was my first time to experience flying Business Class. Actually, my flight was moved to 5:45PM and good thing that I received a call from Philippine Airlines and informed me about the change of flight since it was moved from 3PM to 5:45PM. Good job PAL! :)

I arrived at the airport at 2:45PM and I was able to check-in at the counter for 20 minutes. The check-in counter person gave me my boarding pass and another pass for Mabuhay Lounge since Mactan Cebu has a lounge in the airport. 

Domestic Departure Entrance

going to first security check

entrance to the terminal

security check

PAL Check-in counter

PAL check-in

other counters

Airphil Express check-in counter

paid PHP200 Terminal Fee

to the final security check

Pre-Departure area

other side

going to Mabuhay Lounge

Mabuhay Lounge was on the left corner of the pre-departure area. Once I entered, the staff greeted me and I handed over the blue entrance pass to her and entered to the Mabuhay Lounge. It was quite huge. There were many comfortable seats, array of food, music and entertainment and of course, free internet usage. :) I tried their food such as sandwich and other pica-pica. I love the arroz caldo very much. :)

inside Mabuhay Lounge

happily seated

food counter

picture at the lounge


Thanks PAL! :)

food galore!

sandwich and cake plus Virgin Red cola

watching movie

another solo shot

round two: bread, arroz caldo and apple juice

let's eat! :)

plane spotting

happy eating! 

another shot

watching TV while eating

another pic at the lounge

avail free internet

another shot

plane spotting

Qatar Airways taxiing to the runway

thank you Mabuhay Lounge!

Flight Number: PR 850
Route: Cebu-Manila
Airline: Philippine Airlines
Aircraft: Airbus 330-300
Flying Time: 70 minutes
Departure Time: 1750H
Arrival Time: 1900H

Call time was a bit delayed but it was manageable. There were many passengers at the gate but we were advised to board on my convenience since I was at Business class. So I let some of the passengers and in few minutes, I went inside to the aircraft. I was greeted by flight crew and he asked me if I want a water or orange juice as a welcome drink. I immediately told him orange juice and once I seated, the crew gave me a full glass of orange juice. :)

people rushing to the gate

waiting for my turn to board

to the flight gate

PAL's Airbus 330-300

Mactan-Cebu Airport signage

inside Business Class

seated at 63K (kilo)

happy seated

look, no seatmate! :)

few passengers on Mabuhay Class

some of the passengers

read Mabuhay magazine

waiting to fly

boarding procedures

flight safety demonstration

by Cebu! :)

another self pic

another one

and another

my dinner: pasta with mamon and nuts plus orange juice

busy eating

dinner time

happy passenger! :)

Thank you PAL!

I arrived at NAIA Terminal 2 at 7PM. I wasn't able to take photos since my battery went empty. However, it was a nice experience traveling through Business class. It was my most memorable event in my flight travels. Good job for Philippine Airlines for the never ending accommodation to the passengers most especially to the flight crew of that flight. They were smiling and assisting to our needs. Since I love the Mabuhay Class service, I will fly for more! :)

Thank you once again Philippine Airlines! :)

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