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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Visiting Carcar City, Cebu: Food and Historical Trip Combined

Carcar Church

The first thing that comes to my mind about Carcar is chicharon. This place was famous for Carcar Chicharon (deep fried pork skin) which was different from other chicharon of other places in the country. But nevertheless, it was one of my itineraries of my visit to this city. 

Source: Wikipedia

Travel to Carcar City was very easy. I rode a Ceres Bus to Carcar at Cebu South Terminal. Bus fare was PHP40, ordinary fare. I did not mind the heat since it was an hour travel from Cebu City passing the towns and cities of Talisay, Minglanilla, Naga and San Fernando. But before that, I paid PHP5 Terminal Fee at the Bus Terminal. Travel time was a breeze except the traffic along Cebu and Talisay cities. I arrived an hour later and I immediately noticed the Carcar Rotunda which considered the kilometer zero of the city.

Carcar Rotunda

Welcome to Carcar

at the middle of the road

me at the rotunda

another pic

Carcar downtown

Carcar became a city last 2007 and this place was a bustling city with many establishments surrounded the poblacion (city downtown). I was amazed on how busy the people minding their business and I observed their cultures which seems to be interested from Cebu City. I rode a tricycle to proceed to their historical district of the city and I told the driver to brought me to Carcar Church. The moment I arrived to the church, I was amazed the beauty of the structure. It was named The Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria which dominated the historical district of the city.

great church shot

Welcome to Carcar Church

the tallest structure of the city

me and the church

another shot

another great shot

nice shot

inside the church

the altar

church ceilings

great shot too.

another one

at the side of the church

saints along pillar

on the left side

right side of the church

I really loved the design of the church. Good thing that the weather cooperated during my shot at the church and it resulted to great photos. A little walk from the church was Carcar Museum. Unfortunately, it was renovated during my visit but luckily I was able to talk to the designer and he welcomed me inside of the museum. We talked about the future designs and what was in store of the museum. Our conversation was lively and he let me took some photos and I thanked him for that. :)

The Carcar Museum

nice design

went inside and it was under renovation

Carcar History

explained the museum of Carcar

The place was full of history and a little walk from the museum and I saw Carcar's City Hall and City Park and looking the church which I immediately took a photo

City Hall

my great shot

It's Pasalubong time. Carcar boasted about their local products aside from the famous chicharon which there was a stall along rotunda area on a kilo basis. I bought half a kilo for only PHP200! :) Other native products include bucarillo, ampao, and the much awaited lechon. I bought half a kilo lechon for only PHP150! They said that Carcar lechon is one of the best and yes, it's true! :)

Carcar's Native Delicacies

bought pasalubong here

Lechon area inside the market

Carcar's Lechon is the best

bought Lechon here

I also went to footwear section since Carcar also famous in Cebu for footwear called espadrilles which was similar in Liliw, Laguna. Since my mother and my aunt wanted to have those, I went this section which was one tricycle ride from downtown and bought 2 pairs for PHP200 each.

Footwear place in Carcar

many shoes and sandals here

more shops over there

It was a great experience and it was my first time in Carcar and I was able to learned about the history of the city. I was amazed on the preservation of structures to make the history intact. The cultures and traditions of the city were remained. I also love to the fact that Carcar is not only famous for chicharon but also in history and more native delicacies. It was a nice trip in Southern Cebu and it will be part of my future travels in other towns of Cebu in the future. :)

Daghang Salamat Carcar City! :)

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