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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Solo Trip to Cebu City Part [2/2]

Fort San Pedro in Cebu

This is the part two of the solo trip to Cebu. As usual, it was a worth experience to be in the place by yourself. Cebu is very friendly to tourists and people are willing to help to assist you in giving directions so I didn't lost along the way. Here are some of the place I went within Cebu:

Taboan Market is the first place that came to my mind when it comes to pasalubong or to give something when you get back to your hometown. It is a place where you find Cebu's delicacies such as danggit, dried mangoes, Cebu chorizo and many more. From the hotel along Magellan's Cross, one jeepney ride to this market and once you arrived, you will easily identify the place by the smell of dried fish along the road.

array of pasalubong

more inside

danggit, dried squid

many dried fishes

want to buy those!:)

After I bought pasalubong, I went to Cebu International Convention Center in which it was a two rides from the hotel. I hopped a jeepney to Ayala Center Cebu and after that I rode a jeepney to Mandaue and I asked the conductor to drop me at Parkmall. Travel was approximately 40 minutes due to traffic along the way. The venue was bigger since the convention was the place for 12th ASEAN Summit which happened last 2009.


Cebu International Convention Center

up close

going inside

stairs to second floor

ASEAN Summit

the name of the convention

my pic

12th ASEAN Summit

flags of ASEAN members

me with Philippine flag

Thanks to you CICC! :)

I went to SM City Cebu for a quick stop to buy some pasalubong. I went straight to SM Northwing and saw the Christmas village that I went on the first day. There were many people who were interested to see the creations of fellow Cebuanos.

I was hungry by that time and I went to Zubuchon at Mango Avenue in which it was a one ride from SM City Cebu. It brings back memories since I went at the same place 2 months ago with my friends. I love their lechon which touted as the best tasting pig by Chef Anthony Bourdain, and I believed on that. :)

waiting for my meal

restaurant interiors

Zubuchon delivery

my pic

my meal

happy dining!

Fresh Kamias Shake

The next morning, I headed to Cebu Provincial Capitol to visit one of the biggest and grandest capitol of the country. It remained color white and it was very huge that it looked like a White House in United States of America. It houses the Governor of Cebu. After that, I walked along Jones Avenue and went to Bo's Coffee along Capitol Site for my breakfast. After breakfast, I walked along the avenue and headed to Fuente Osmeña.

to the capitol

up close

my pic

the lighter one

nice capitol

Jones Avenue

walk along Jones Avenue

another walk

hot choco drink from Bo's

Bo's Coffee interiors

my breakfast

let's eat!

at Fuente Osmeña

more walk

another walk

Crown Regency Hotel

Before I went back to Manila, i visited places nearer to the hotel. I started with Malacanan sa Sugbo which once an office of former President Gloria Arroyo when she was in Cebu. Nearer to the place was Fort San Pedro which was similar in Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila. Infront of Fort San Pedro was Plaza Independencia which was a big park with a monument of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and former President Ramon Magsaysay.

the Malacanan sa Sugbu

up close

my pic


Fort San Pedro


me at Fort San Pedro

up close

inside Fort San Pedro

paid PHP40 to see inside

some old canyons

nice place

on top of the fort


this way please

other garden

another one

more on the other side

The Obelisk at Plaza Independencia

These are some of the places I've been in Cebu. Some were relatively new and first time visited to these place in which I learned a lot particularly the history of Cebu. It was a great moment for my vacation and my solo trip was very successful and I was able to budgeted some of the expenses. What I like most was to experienced the mode of transportation from jeepneys to buses where I only took taxis for two to three times. I was very happy about the Cebuanos who were very helpful in directions. They shown eagerness and willingness to assist me. It was truly a great experience for me and looking for another solo trip someday. :)

Daghang Salamat (Thank you) Cebu! :)

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