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Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Solo Trip to Cebu City Part [1/2]

Heard Mass at Basilica Minore del Santo Niño

For the record, this will be first official solo trip that I've done which means I made on my own without meeting or any companion along my trip. Actually it was a sort of experiment on how to experience traveling alone and with budgeted money. Let me start on how I managed to roam around Cebu City with on budgeted mode. :)

Here is the fare cost per transportation:
Jeepney/Multicab - PHP7.50 minimum fare
Taxi - PHP40 flag down rate + PHP3.50 for every 50 meters
Van/FX - PHP25 minimum fare
Ordinary Ceres Bus - PHP12 minimum fare

I moved out of Cebu airport onboard a yellow multicab in which the only allowed multicab in the airport for only PHP7.50 until I reached Marina Mall in Lapu-Lapu City.  I went first to Islands Souvenir for some short window shopping of pasalubongs. :)

Waterfront Mactan - infront of the airport

Islands Souvenir - i Love Cebu shirts

more shops

T-Shirt designs from Cebu

I took a jeepney from Marina Mall to SM City Cebu for only PHP17 pesos. Travel time was only 30 minutes passing Lapu-Lapu City (Marcelo Fernan Bridge) and Mandaue City. I get off to the area few meters from SM Cebu Northwing. Took my early lunch at Orange Brutus, the Cebu homegrown fast food chain. 

Arrived at SM City Cebu

to the Northwing

enter the mall

inside Northwing

A Magical Christmas


solo pic

happy to arrived

nice designs

Christmas Village

Christmas Trees

lunch at


my meal at Orange Brutus

Do some sort of a window shopping at SM City Cebu and after that I hailed a taxi and proceed to my hotel, Sampaguita Suites which was right beside Magellan's Cross. Fare cost only PHP61. I reserved a single room for only PHP600 a night so my 3days/2nights stay was only PHP1200 with additional PHP500 that will be refund once I check out. It was a good deal. :)

my room

overlooking Cebu downtown

my solo shot! :)

Start of my travel within Cebu City. Since I stayed at the downtown district, I went to different places  by foot. I went first to Magellan's Cross, Cebu City Hall, Basilica Minore del Santo Nino (where I attended a mass) and Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. More pictures to be posted here.  Less caption. Take a look. :)

After visiting downtown, I went to the Calle Colon (the oldest street of the country) and hailed a jeepney on my to Ayala Center Cebu which for me one of the best malls not only in Cebu but also in the Philippines. I love the design especially the landscape of The Terraces. I went there to chill, relax and amazed the beauty of it. :)

The Colon Street Marker Obelisk

Cebu jeepney

Welcome to Ayala Center Cebu!

going to the mall

Christmas inside

interior mall

The Terraces

I love the landscape!


some buildings

my self photo

great shot!

seated at the garden


garden at the mall


very much! :)

Ginger Bread House from Marriott Hotel

My team name! :)

picture of me

that giant Christmas tree

picture with the Ginger Bread House

Christmas Tree and the House

including me

newly open Krispy Kreme

heavy queue

My dinner in Cebu? I went back to Fuente Osmeña in order to proceed to Larsian. What I miss about this place is the affordable meals and of course delicious food! I was able to take some photos inside, filled with smoke. But today's Larsian was renovated and will post on next blog. :)

Larsian sa Fuente

come inside

smokey eh! :)

full of diners

my affordable meals: grilled meats and Puso (hanging rice)

That's my first day in Cebu City. I had so much and it was indeed very budgeted travel and experience my solo tour within the tourist spots of the city. I also had to master the art of taking solo photos. hehehe! But nevertheless, it was indeed fun and excited to see on my next laag (adventures)! :)

Continue to the next Cebu Solo Adventures! :)

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