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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Food Trip Lunch at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan, Tayabas, Quezon Province

Floating Restaurant @ Kamayan sa Palaisdaan

Another road trip was experienced and this time, travel on almost two hours from San Juan, Batangas to Quezon Province makes you feel hungry. We left the town at 11AM and we bid goodbye to Reglos-Salapare clan and we were told that the place was just 30 minutes from San Juan. We traveled miles from miles and we thought we were lost. We passed different towns in Quezon Province such as Candelaria and Sariaya and until we reached Tayabas City. We thought that the place was nearer but it was a short 20 minute from the town proper. 

Tayabas City. Source: Wikipedia

Finally we arrived to this place and I found it very attractive and it is a must place to visit and of course to eat.  All of us were hungry and we wanted something to eat. This place has a floating cottage but we decided to be in a garden like cottage.  There were few people in the restaurant since we arrived there at 2PM.

Mt Banahaw

passing Quezon Province

Tayabas on the left, Lucena City to the right

passing town

at last!


group picture

me and bing


Big sign along the road

The place was a bit cozy and I love the interior of it especially the floating cottage that fits up to 12 people. Food was also great. There was an array of different dishes from pork to chicken, beef to fish and fruits to vegetables. Some dishes were unique to Quezon Province such as Pancit habhab, Longganisang lucban and so much more.

waiting for our cottage

picture time!

on our way to the cottage

picture once again!

menu list

some interiors

another menu list

checking the menu and prices too... :)

my self pic

nice place

very nice pic

some other interiors

more floating cottages

my self pic

on the way to other cottages

We ordered food such as fish, meat, chicken and stir fry noodles (pancit). Serving of food was a bit longer so we waited for almost 15 minutes and we spent roaming the place and take some photos. Actually, one staff informed us that we should call first and order the meal so that once we arrive here, meal will be ready to serve. 

Happy Eating!

Eating time!

Group pic

another shot!

It is worth waiting, food was delicious and I love the grilled fish and meat. I also love their sinigang (soup based) meal. We were enjoying our meal after a long wait.  hehehehe! :)

Here are my ratings:

Score base: 1 - Dissatisfied; 2 - Somewhat dissatisfied; 3 - Somewhat satisfied; 4 - Satisfied; 5 - Completely Satisfied

Location: 4 
Reason: Location was easy to find according to some, but for us, it takes almost two hours until we find the place. Is it us who have a problem? Maybe. But this place was just along the main road of Quezon Province.

Interiors: 5 
Reason: I like the concept of the interiors. It makes you are in a resort with good environmental settings. Thumbs up for the interior designer of the restaurant.

Service: 3
Reason: The cons was the long wait of serving of food. Thankfully, the interiors was very nice and we are having a great time checking and taking photos while waiting for the food. Nevertheless, you cannot for a hungry person for more than 15 minutes anyway... :)

Food: 4 
Reasons: It's worth the wait. Food was delicious. Some grilled meals were not burned as expected. I love the soup based meals such as sinigang. We enjoyed eating and eating... :)

Price: 4
Reason: Affordable meals. Not too pricey compared to other restaurants I've visited.

Verdict: You should not miss visiting this place especially if you are in Tayabas City, Quezon Province. You will love the interior as well as the food! :)

Thanks for our lunch! :)

See the contact information:

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan
Address: Brgy. Dapdap, Tayabas, Quezon
Contact Numbers: (042) 7933654, (042) 7933655
Mobile Number: (0918) 9510460 

Note: Restaurant is open everyday from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Give them a call and take an order so that once you arrive, meal is ready to serve. :)

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