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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tour @ Silliman University, Dumaguete City

Silliman Hall

My friend greeted me "Welcome to the City of Gentle People" and I knew for a fact that I were in Dumaguete City. This is my second visit to this city and there were places that I haven't been and one of these places was Silliman University.

The school logo

My group of friends went to this university to explore the area. It was huge and covered with trees and some establishments. It was a nice place to relax and study. To give you a history of the university: Silliman University was founded on August 28, 1901 as Silliman Institute after its founder, Dr. Silliman. It is one of the oldest American University in Asia. It may considered the heart of Dumaguete City and the city became a university town because of Silliman University. This was ranked as one of the best university outside Metro Manila.

at Silliman grounds

group picture

solo pic

great poses

another picture with t he group

Silliman University Church

at the church

Dumaguete City became a melting pot of students, artists, professionals and tourists both local and abroad. The university has two campuses: The main campus (Hibbard Avenue) and the other one is the College of Agriculture and Marine Lab Campus. A walk to this university will show you how this place became an avenue for students, visitors and tourists like me. It was a nice place to roam around and explore the beauty of the university. I have been to different place but it seems to be more relaxing here. I also loved the amphitheater where concerts and outdoor activities took place.

Silliman Church at the background

I joined them too! :)

my solo pic

at the amphitheater 

great shot

seated at the bleachers

another shot

We also went to the iconic Silliman Hall. This place was featured in different magazines, newspapers and even in television. This place was one of the oldest standing American structure in the Philippines. This was built in 1909 and today it houses the University's Anthropology Museum.

Silliman Hall

remains the same

some structures of the hall

at front

the other side

It was the main attraction of the university. Also, you will see the image of the Horace Silliman, which was the person established this early in the early 20th century (1901). 

upclose Mr. Silliman


the history marker

me and the history marker

the school logo

proud to be here

the logo

me,, the logo and those flags around

It was a nice fine walk around the city. I wasn't to explore on some other parts of it due to limited time. BUt what I enjoyed in touring the university was the warm and great place to study and have fun. It was so relaxing. You will inspire to think and study. It was a nice ambiance around the university. It was a great way to have a tour in Dumaguete City! :)

How to get there:
This place is easy to find. There were many tricycles around the city and just hopped on and ask the driver to drop you off at the main entrance of the university. You may also drop you off at the Silliman Portal to begin your tour around the university. Minimum fare is 8 pesos and enjoy your tour around. :)

Continue to the next blog! :)

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