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Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Short Trip to Guimaras Island

Name of Trip: Panay Island Adventures 2010
Date: June 13 - 16, 2010
Destination: Iloilo City, Capiz, Aklan (Kalibo & Boracay) and Guimaras Island
Travel via: Air (Philippine Airlines & Airphil Express), Land (van, tricycle, multicab), Water (motor boat)

The best & sweetest mangoes in the world found in Guimaras

It was unexpected itinerary to visit Guimaras  but our driver convinced us including the group to explore another island decided to be there for a short 2 hour tour. Since our first day in Iloilo, we wondered Guimaras which is a short hop from the city. According to our driver, Guimaras once a part of Iloilo province until it became it separate last 1992. It composed of 5 municipalities: Jordan (the capital), Buenavista, San Lorenzo, Nueva Valencia and Sibunag.

Guimaras Island. Source: Wikipedia

We rode a pump boat from Ortiz port to Jordan, the capital of the province. We paid PHP13 one way fare. Our trip lasted for 15 minutes.  We were also advised that bringing mango fruit to this province was strictly prohibited. The main reason is that this province produces the best and sweetest mangoes not only in the Philippines but in the entire world. Their mangoes are export quality.

lined up for tickets

paid PHP13 for our boat fare

heading to our boat

up close

leaving Iloilo city for a while

at middle of two places

picture time

full of passengers

group picture

excited in Guimaras

far away from Iloilo city

approaching Guimaras

Welcome to the Mango Capital

Welcome to Guimaras

Welcome to Jordan, Guimaras

Welcome sign

We were indeed excited since we went here in Guimaras. We want to explore the province but due to limited time, we weren't to explore the beaches which as also tagged one of the best. We went to the capital town of Jordan and we rented a multicab in which the driver agreed to our deal that amount be based on our fare roundtrip. So we paid PHP30 each for our roundtrip which was pretty cool enough. 

inside a multicab

ready for a short island adventure

Travel time takes 20 minutes until we reached Jordan. They had Manggahan Festival during weekends and we were lucky that there were many still shops that sells mangoes and other products in their mini fair. We decided to buy those especially mangoes. I bought 3 kilos of mangoes for only PHP60 pesos per kilo. :)

Jordan, Guimaras. Source:  Wikipedia

to the agri fair

check some items

how much?

picture time

me and the mangoes

different products made from mangoes

group picture

fresh mangoes

buy some mango shake

off to the agri fair

According to the locals, the province boasts more than 50,000 mango trees within the island and produces one of the best mangoes in the world. These were exported in the White House in USA and Buckingham Palace in United Kingdom. During our walk, we saw mango trees with different sizes. We also saw mangoes that you can reach since the tree was small. But we were warned not to take this out since it has an ordinance in the province that it was strictly implemented. 

our rented multicab


under the mango tree

picture with mangoes

me and Jayne with mango trees at background

Mommy Parel, what are you doing? :)

picture under the tree

to my photoshoot. :)

We also had some photos along our way back to the port enroute to Iloilo, we passed to different structures along Jordan. We immediately asked the driver to stop and take snap photos in which the driver agreed.

The Provincial Capitol

The smallest plaza

back to Guimaras port

Our visit to Guimaras was short and fun. We are hoping to visit to the beach area but due to time constraints, we weren't able to do it. But nevertheless, it will never stop exploring the island and it will be included on our next itinerary when we will visit again to Guimaras.

Salamat Guimaras! :)

Continue to the next blog! :)

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