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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Our Quick Stopover at Capiz Province

Name of Trip: Panay Island Adventures 2010
Date: June 13 - 16, 2010
Destination: Iloilo City, Capiz, Aklan (Kalibo & Boracay) and Guimaras Island
Travel via: Air (Philippine Airlines & Airphil Express), Land (van, tricycle, multicab), Water (motor boat)

@Aklan-Capiz Boundary

Since our travel time was a bit longer than our last time, we had a stop-over at Dumarao, Capiz. It was just like a halfway to our destination which is Iloilo City. Capiz is one of the provinces in Panay Island which was in between Iloilo and Aklan. Roxas City is the capital of the province but it was out of way to Iloilo City.

Map of Capiz. Source; Wikipedia

But before we headed to Dumarao, we stopped at Aklan-Capiz boundary at the municipality of Sapi-an in Capiz. We took our photos there including the welcome sign of the province. After that, we traveled and passed different towns of Capiz such as Sapi-an, Manusai, Sigma, Dao, Cuartero.

Welcome sign

Sapi-an Marker

picture at the boundary

It took an hour before we had our stop over at Dumarao. Actually, the driver wanted to eat so all we have to do was to take some pictures and see the view since the first time we went here was during midnight. We checked on different areas of the restaurant. 

stop at Pengee's Restaurant

picture with a surfboard

the restaurant

group picture

to Aklan

another group picture

We left Dumarao and traveled more than an hour until we reached Iloilo City. We stopped at JD Bakeshop and Restaurant and bought our dinner and have check-in back to Highway 21. It was a hectic day and travel along Panay Island. Our short Capiz road trip was short and I wanted to be back and explore the province particularly Roxas City someday.

Continue to the next blog! :)

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