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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Survived a Skywalk Extreme @ Crown Regency Hotel, Cebu City

My biggest dare of my life: Skywalk Extreme!!

During Sinulog Festival, me and my friends decided to dare ourselves and we went to Crown Regency Hotel, the tallest building in Cebu and experienced the biggest dare of our lives. I was a bit anxious at first since I have no idea what will happen considering about my body and the height, more than 180 meters above the ground. But in the end, we went through. We were five but three of us dared to do a Skywalk since one in the group was only 5 years old. We asked in the information booth and she assisted us to the elevator and went up to the 19th floor. We registered and asked the staff about the things to do and the amount to pay. I paid PHP550 (PHP250 for the entrance fee and PHP300 for the Skywalk), two of my friends availed the Edge Coaster so they paid PHP 850. We proceed to 38th floor and we were greeted by a group of people and two of my friend did first the Edge Coaster.

on our way to 38th floor. People along Jones Avenue

rainy Sinulog

still many people, rain or shine

along Fuente Osmeña Circle

excited! :)

to the Edge Coaster

me at the roof top

overlooking Cebu City

the other side

Edge Coaster

Nhet-Nhet and Michiko taking the ride

Have fun!


picture of me

This is it! We were excited to experience this Skywalk Adventure. We were advised to change our clothes into orange jumpsuits and have our white shoes but make sure we have a pair of socks. There were rented socks at the counter and pay a minimal fee. Good thing I have mine. We were oriented by staff and I asked one who took our photos during our Skywalk. We secured our harness and ready to go! :) 

Welcome to Skywalk Extreme

waiting for our turn 

Picture time

Happy Sinulog!

Orange Jumpsuits ready

Harness ready

We ourselves, ready! :)

We were accompanied by a guide and our official photographer. I prayed about the safety on our dare and we started walking around the building with harness on. Excited we felt started the moment we stepped out and the only thing that you can hold on was the harness itself. A bit scary but it was the way to conquer your fears. Every corner, we did some stopover and took some photos by our official photographer. 

start of our Skywalk

Happy and Excited!

Ready to conquer fears!

happy picture!

Priceless Smiles! :)

another shot!

picture, picture!

have fun along the harness

my dare

Nhet-Nhet's dare

Michiko's dare

my solo shot

see the bottom

another photo shot


Photoshoot! :)

Our Skywalk lasted for 50 minutes. It was so much fun and we conquered our fear. It was worth fulfilling. We thanked the staff for assisting us. We went to the booth and they offered us a souvenir photo for PHP230. I decided to bought one picture and I got my solo shot. They also offered a certificate for free. We requested to have and they gave us after 10 minutes. 

The front cover

my certificate

my best photo shot! :)

It was a great experience that I will never forget. I am happy that aside from celebrating Sinulog Festival, I also conquered my fear, and all in the Queen City of the South, Cebu! A great pleasure to be here and I enjoyed my stay in Cebu. 

Our DOT banner :)

More information here:

Skywalk Adventures - Crown Regency Hotel
Address: Tower 1, Fuente Towers. Osmeña Boulevard, Sta. Cruz, Cebu City 6000, Philippines
Tel. No.: +63 (32) 418-8888
Fax No.: +63 (32) 418-5886

Daghang Salamat (Thank you) Sky Adventures! :)

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