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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Travel North: Laoag to Manila via Partas Bus Line

Partas Bus Bound for Manila

It's my third and last day here at Ilocos Norte. But before I went back to Manila, I had my 2-hour pasalubong break and bought some items. Some pasalubong were bought few days ago and I do last minute shopping today. So what were these items I bought? 

Good Morning Laoag!

Walk to downtown area

I headed to Laoag City Public Market and bought garlic and lasona or what we call small onions. Both are widely popular here in Ilocos Norte and sold at very low price compared to Manila and other nearby provinces. I bought 2 kilos of garlic for only 80 pesos per kilo and lasona for 60 pesos per kilo. It was a great deal. :)

At Laoag Public Market

Garlic and Lasona (small onion)

garlic galore

After I bought these, I went back to Isabel Suites, short rest and have my breakfast before I went to Partas Bus Terminal. I also bought dragon fruit which was also popular here in Ilocos Norte. It was a nice stay at Isabel Suites and they were helpful in giving directions while I was in the city.

walk to the hotel from the market

nice hotel at the heart of the city

Breakfast time

avail their free breakfast

dragon fruit for sale

bought 2 kilos

I hailed a tricycle and driver knew exactly the bus terminal because Partas was popular here. In few minutes, I arrived to the terminal and I paid PHP20 since I have 2 baggage so it's affordable. Partas Bus Terminal here in Laoag is huge. There were several trips to Manila (Cubao & Pasay) and Baguio cities. These were scheduled trips. I went at the ticket booth to check the available trips to Manila and I availed the Pasay-bound  trip at 10AM. 

ticket booth

lined up

bus schedules to Manila and Baguio

bus bound for Pasay-Cubao

my ticket

I paid PHP701 and gave me the ticket. Busy left on time. I amazed on my road travel since I saw the different places in Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur. I came to Laoag via airplane (Philippine Airlines) and I appreciated the beauty of the province. After two hours, we arrived at Vigan City, Ilocos Sur and took our first stop over. I went down to have my break and bought Marsha's Royal Bibingka (rice cakes) which was popular here in Ilocos Sur. I wasn't able to tour around Vigan City but it will be on my itinerary lists in the future travels. :) 

passing Gilbert Bridge

bye Laoag!

Hello Vigan!

quick stop over at Vigan City

bought a box of Royal Bibingka

After few minutes, we left Vigan City since they carried some passengers. We passed the famous Quirino Bridge and I was amazed the structure along the Abra River, we passed to the newest bridge because the first one was not passable due to the condition after the storm that hit the province. After few minutes, the bus driver and conductor took their break. I also went down and took some photos along the sea shore. 

The famous Quirino Bridge

passing along Abra River

3rd arch was damaged during storm

at Santa, Ilocos Sur

some of the islands


strong waves

along the National Highway

Weather was perfectly fine at Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur. We passed different towns and cities but when we reached La Union, heavy rain poured in. There were no reported any storm or typhoon but it was monsoon rains but it was very heavy especially when we reached Pangasinan and Tarlac.

Candon City, Ilocos Sur

Candon City Pasalubong Center

heavy rain at La Union

start pouring in

Due to heavy rain, from the usual 9 hour bus travel it went up to 13 hours and I arrived at Partas Bus Terminal in Cubao Quezon City at 11PM. It was a tiring bus travel but I enjoyed my vacation in Ilocos Norte. It was fun, entertaining and learned at the same time. It was one of my successful solo trip. 

P.S. The following day, classes and office were suspended due to Monsoon Rain which locally called Habagat. 


  1. nice trip na miss ko ang ilocos lalo na ang empanada at bibingka :)

  2. Do you think it is also an 8 hour trip from Manila to Laoag via bus of Partas?

  3. Hi Ian, 8 hour road trip is possible if you do it by night. Depart manila at 10PM and you will arrive in Laoag at 6AM.

  4. Hi there! Im about to go to Vigan and Pagudpud this weekend! cant wait to revisit Ilocos.. :)

  5. What about the fare from Cubao to Laoag? How much is that?


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