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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Enchanting Bangui: Lunch Time @ KangKang Windmill Cafe

Homemade KangKang Coffee

After spending almost two hour bus ride from Laoag City, I finally reached Bangui, Ilocos Norte. More information about my travel via bus here. I immediately noticed Bangui due to the windmills. It was very attractive and line up along the coastline. I was excited to see it again.

Bangui. Souce: Wikipedia

Kuya Rey made a deal about my tour which costed me PHP500 after series of negotiations. He asked me if I already taken lunch. After series of travels and I checked the time where it was ten minutes before 12 noon, I decided to have my lunch first. I suggested Kuya Rey to have lunch at KangKang Cafe in which he immediately knew. I rode his tricycle and travel on half-paved road and during that travel, I was amazed on the windmills because turbines were rotating consistently. I immediately grabbed my camera and took some shots until we reached KangKang Windmill Cafe.

reaching the windmills

windmills coming up

more windmills lined up

closer to see the windmills

After spending more than 10 minutes tricycle ride, we finally arrived to the famous KangKang Windmill Cafe. I immediately asked why KangKang? I told them since the name sounded intriguing especially to Tagalog speaking people which may lead to green jokes. One of the staff told me that the name of sitio from Barangay Baruyen in which I agreed because I noticed some signage that the location of this place was Sitio KangKang. The place was peaceful and windy of course. It was just your typical eatery or carinderia but they served meals and Ilocano dishes. I ordered and I asked Kuya Rey to join the lunch. He was shy at first but due to my insistent, he joined me. After I ordered, I roamed around the cafeteria and took some photos.

KangKang Cafe. Photo Credits to the owner

Check their menu


view outside the cafe

up close to the windmill

great and windy view outside

the name has a different meaning to visitors :)

I also talked to some staff and they told me that this was already featured in magazines and television shows and in youtube. I immediately remembered Ramon Bautista's video about this cafe while on his tour in Ilocos. For those who didn't recall, here is the video. It was an interview to one of the staff in the cafeteria. 

they also served coffee

souvenir items from Bangui

After 15 minutes, lunch was served. I ordered Pancit Batil Patong (stir fry noodles with poached egg on top), a Cagayan style pancit which was good for two to three persons. I also ordered soft drink for Kuya Rey and mine was Buko Shake. Food was okay, nothing spectacular but I loved the Buko shake. It was also a great ambiance. Expected that the place is windy because of the condition particularly the location of the windmills. 

Buko Shake and Pancit Batil Patong

eating time

Meal was a bit pricey but it was great experience visiting to this famous place. It was also a great stop over especially if you are hungry along the way especially if you will visit Bangui Windmills. 

More Information to this place:

KangKang Windmill Cafe 
Address: Sitio KangKang, Barangay Baruyen, Bangui, Ilocos Norte
Open Hours: 7:30AM – 11:00PM, Monday-Sunday
Contact Numbers: +639274318805 / +639179213103
Directions: From Laoag City, once you reach Barangay Baruyen, turn left to the road going to the windmills. It was short, 10 minute ride from the highway and you will easily see this place. Current road condition is half-paved, so expect to be rough driving especially during raining.

Continue to the next blog! :)

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