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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Grab an Ilocano Meal @ La Preciosa Fine Dining, Laoag City

Carrot Cake Dessert @ La Preciosa

Just came back from the Northern Ilocos tour which I visited north of Laoag City and I found it very fruitful and educating. I went back to the city in the late afternoon, rested a bit at Isabel Suites and after that decided to have my early dinner. Some of the staff at the hotel and even my friends suggested to have my dinner at La Preciosa which I find it interesting. I took a tricycle ride and the driver knew it so much and in 10 minutes, I finally arrived to the restaurant.

finally arrived!

Welcome to La Preciosa

my dinner destination for today! :)

The restaurant was located along Rizal Street. It was an old looking house and I find it intriguing so I went inside. It has two parts, the first one was a bake or cake shop with some pasalubong items and the staff show the way to the restaurant. They were courteous to me and to the other guests and I went to my table and handed me their menu.

cake shop

on my way to the restaurant

seated at the restaurant

handed the menu


Ilocano dishes

see those names? :)

pictures of some Ilocano dishes

check some paintings

I ordered Crispy Bagnet (deep fried pork) with KBL (kamatis, bagoong, lasona) a mixture of tomatoes, fish sauce and small onion. Oh my goodness! It was a great combination in a rice meal. I love how the bagnet cooked into perfection. I felt the crunchiness as well the juicy of the pork. KBL was amazing. I love the balance of my meal and it was a great partner with rice, promise! I also ordered iced cold calamansi juice. It was one of my best meal in Ilocos! :)

my happy meal!

bagnet, KBL, rice & calamansi juice

I also ordered dessert to complete my meal. I checked the menu and I ordered a slice of carrot cake which only cost PHP90! When the waiter handed over the carrot cake. I was intrigued on the shredded carrots on top of the icing cake. I immediately grabbed the first bite and suddenly... Boom! I love the taste and texture of carrot cake. Not too sweet and I was surprised about the crunchiness of the shredded carrots and it was a great taste! :)

handed me the carrot cake

so yummy!

love the crunchiness of carrot shreds

me! :)

nice dessert! :)

 I was so happy because of having a great meal here so I ordered another slice of carrot cake for take out (to go). I also asked for bill out and prices were really affordable and worth it because of delicious food served from main meal to dessert. I also bought some pasalubong items at the cake shop and explore some other cakes, but I didn't ate some since I was full that time. It was a complete meal for me! :)

may take out treat

happy diner! :)

some pasalubong items from La Preciosa

wow cakes! :)

check the prices...

It was a worth dining experience and I enjoyed the place, friendly staff, interiors and of course, food! Make sure to drop by to this place and experience great Ilocano cuisines! :)

More Information to this place:

La Preciosa Fine Dining and Catering Service
Address: JP Rizal St., Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, 2900 Philippines
Telefax: +6377 7775130.
Telephone Numbers: +6377 7771162, +6377 7732159

Note: They also accepted major credit cards aside from cash. Walk-in guests are allowed but expect many customers during lunch and dinner so calling them is very easy.

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