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Monday, June 10, 2013

Alluring Pampanga: Taste Kapampangan Dishes at Everybody's Cafe

Located at San Fernando City, Pampanga

My trip to Pampanga was fruitful because I went to three towns and cities exploring different sites particularly churches. It was 6PM and felt hungry. Good thing I was in San Fernando City and I rode a pedicab and I went to a famous restaurant in the city, Everybody's Cafe.

Welcome to Everybody's Cafe

Cafe for all

Having featured in many articles of newspapers and magazines and showcased on television shows and programs, this place was considered a site of visit in Pampanga. Being said and done, the interior looks like a typical Filipino cafeteria where food choices were displayed in a counter and all you have to do is to choose and ordered meals. 

Kapampangan Dishes

Camaru and Morcon

their award

some other dishes

typical Filipino cafeteria

Since I went by myself, I ordered two dishes, Pindang Damulag (Carabao Tapa) and Betute (Stuffed Frog). They also served Bulalo soup which I love the broth. The Carabao tapa tastes so good and I dipped it in vinegar. The stuffed frog tastes like chicken. I love the crunchiness too. 

inside cafeteria

waiting for my dinner meals

my Kapampangan dinner


Pindang Damulag

enjoying my meal
love the stuffed frog

happy meal

approve! :)

Price ranges from PHP50 to PHP200. It was affordable and yet the food was yummy and authentic because of the exotic ingredients. It was a great food trip experience. Also, I went to their cafeteria taking some snaps such as the pasalubong shop and some articles posted on the wall featuring the cafe. 

San Nicolas Cookies

featured in a magazine

food magazine too!


travel magazine

Make sure you visit Everybody's Cafe and experience authentic Kapampangan cuisines and surely you will enjoy it! :)

Everybody's Cafe
Address: Del Pilar, McArthur Highway, City of San Fernando, Pampanga
Contact Number: (045) 8601121

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Alluring Pampanga: Time to Visit San Fernando City

San Fernando City, Pampanga

My travel to Pampanga is not complete without passing the capital city, San Fernando. It was one of the important place in Pampanga and have visited some of the places within the city. Having arrived from Bacolor, I was also excited in visiting this place.

Source: Wikipedia

This place is not only the capital city of Pampanga but also the regional center of Central Luzon (Region III). It was also named Christmas Capital of the Philippines due to the celebration of Giant Lantern Festival which was held every December. The city has also rich in history and several famous names and heroes came from this city such as Jose Abad Santos, former Chief Justice and featured in 1000 Philippine peso bill. It has also rich in economy which was served as agricultural processing center of Central Luzon. No wonder, several establishments put up business here and became flourished.

I rode a jeepney and arrived to the downtown area. I was amazed the beauty of the historical district. Unfortunately, heavy rain poured and I wasn't able to explore other areas. The first one I noticed was the Metropolitan Cathedral which dominated the downtown district. 

There goes the Cathedral

SM City San Fernando Downtown

Kilometer Zero

Metropolitan Cathedral

main facade

The cathedral was built in 1755 and initially made up of wood and completed in 1808. It is a seat of Archdiocese of San Fernando (Pampanga). It was rebuilt several times mainly due to fire. It was elevated to a cathedral in 1948.

mass going on

attend mass too

many church goers by this time

time to reflect

church interiors


after mass

main altar

dome shaped structure

It was such a great visit and was able to hear mass as well. It was raining hard and I wasn't able to visit other places along historical district such as Lazatin and Consunji old houses and it was past 5:30PM since museums had only until 5PM for visit. But it was a nice short visit to the city capital. By the way, I was also hungry and headed for a dinner, the unusual way...

Continue to my next blog about my Food Trip at San Fernando City! :)

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