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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Our ILOILO Food Trip Experiences

Name of Trip: Panay Island Adventures 2010
Date: June 13 - 16, 2010
Destination: Iloilo City, Capiz, Aklan (Kalibo & Boracay) and Guimaras Island
Travel via: Air (Philippine Airlines & Airphil Express), Land (van, tricycle, multicab), Water (motor boat)

La Paz Batchoy with Puto Manapla for Breakfast!

Due to numerous requests, I will present first on our Iloilo food trip during our stay in the city. These were compilation of different places that we visited during our vacation. As I mentioned, Iloilo has rich of food resources and cuisines were considered as one of the best in the Philippines. We enjoyed staying in this province because of the glorious amount of food that we eat. Here are some the food tripping that we had.

1st Food Trip: Ted's Oldtimer La Paz Batchoy

I, myself was a big fan of Batchoy. The moment we arrived in Iloilo, I immediately craved to a bowl of hot soup filled with noodles and meat bits. And the best way to try this meal is of course in Iloilo. It was originated in La Paz district in Iloilo. Along our way to the city proper, we stopped at Ted's and it was the start of our food trip here in Iloilo. There were also branches of Ted's in Metro Manila but prices really differ since we were in the home location. Try that and you will see the difference. :)

arrived at Ted's

The Logo

different kinds of Batchoy

queuing to take order

My meal

Extra Super Bowl of La Paz Batchoy with 2 pan de sal

Breakfast time

Good Morning!

Happy eating!

 2nd Food Trip: JD Bakeshop and Restaurant

I must be admit, this shop sells delicious food at a very, very, very low price! You could find a complete chicken meal (rice+chicken+drinks) at PHP49. Good thing that taste was not compromise. We enjoyed eating here and we even do some take home for our dinner at the hotel. There were also a servings of pastries since it was a bakeshop but still a very low price. I told them that the best answer to our budget is JD! :) 

There were several branches in Iloilo, we tried three: one in Mandurriao, La Paz and finally at Iloilo Airport. Take note, food price at the airport were generally high but in JD Airport branch remained the same. :)

affordable meals

menu lists

array of pasalubong at low price

the store logo

Pancit Molo and Chicken Roll 

happy eating at the airport


Picture at JD Airport

3rd Food Trip: Deco's

We went to La Paz district and what comes to my mind about this district was again La Paz Batchoy. We went to the market place and we saw the first branch of Deco's which was a simple stall infront of the market. History says that this was the place where Batchoy was created and flourished. As the way we see it, we eat the authentic La Paz Batchoy and be part of the history! :)

Deco's humble store

Price was really different compared to Manila

waiting for our meals

my super bowl meal with puto Manapla

group picture!

There were several branches in Iloilo and also in Metro Manila. I also saw one branch in Baguio City at SM. Again, price was different compared to Iloilo.

4th Food Trip: Breakthrough

It is one of the most visited food trip in Iloilo. This place was along the beach area and there were many people flocked to this place not only to eat but also to enjoy the great view. The moment we arrived here, there were several parked vehicles along the way and our driver couldn't find a space for parking and we roamed around for 20 minutes until finally we found a spot. There were many people already dining and some were lining up ordering food. 

It is a native style restaurant that served seafood products. They also served chicken inasal and lechon. We ordered that and we were happily eating dinner with a great view on our background. By the way, Guimaras Island was just a closer away to reach it. Food was delicious but a bit pricey compared on some of our food trips in Iloilo.

waiting for our meal

happy lunch

the other side please

group picture

group picture with me

Villa Beach

overlooking Guimaras Island

group pic


More details on Breakthrough:
Address: Villa Beach, Barangay Sto. Niño Sur, Arevalo, Iloilo, Philippines
Phone Number: +63 33 337-3027

Actually, these are some of the places that we went during our stay in Iloilo. We went on other places such as in SM City Iloilo but I was not able to take photos. But it was a worthy experience. Iloilo is definitely a food haven. :)

Continue to the next blog! :)

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