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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Post Sinulog Tour in Cebu City

I Love Cebu! :)

Travel in Cebu City was easy since there were many modes of transportation that were easily accessible. From jeepneys to taxis, or just do the walking makes your travel within the city worth it. During the Sinulog festival, the best thing is to walk and walk. But after the event, jeepneys and taxis are mode of travel within Cebu. Here are some of the places that I have been through my stay in the Queen City of the South:

1. Magellan's Cross

My courtesy call when you arrived at the Cebu. I have been to this place for several times and I still loving to visit it all over again. I love history and this place brought the story of our heritage. Near to this place is the Cebu City Hall.

2. Basilica Minore del Santo Niño

Just a walk from Magellan's Cross and you will find the church or follow the people heading to the church. This is the reason why there was a Sinulog Festival. In honor to Señor Sto. Niño. All Cebuanos flock to this place to pray and heard mass. You will see how Cebuanos expressed their strong faith.

3. Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

Just a short walk from the Basilica and you will find another church. This is a place where the Archbishop of Cebu located. It was bigger than the Basilica. 

4. Shamrock Pasalubong Center

This is the place along downtown Cebu that I love to visit. This was place was very famous for Otap and other delicacies of Cebu. There was an array of different products great for pasalubong.

5. Taboan Market

A great place to buy danggit (Dried fish).  dried squid, fish tocino, tapa and more. There were also some other products such as Cebu Chorizo, Dried Mangoes, Mango Puree, Carcar Chicharon and lot more. It is a one stop shop of Cebu's pasalubong.

6. Lechon House

One ride from downtown area and you will be heading to the best tasting pork in the world, Cebu Lechon. What was great in this food was the meat and the skin in which it was very crispy and crunchy. Cebu is also very famous on their lechon and you will try when you visit here.

7. Larsian

They said that you cannot leave Cebu without trying Larsian.  It is a barbeque station located nearer to Fuente Osmeña Circle and Chong Hua Hospital. All walks of life visit to this place and try the best tasting barbeque and siomai. Price was really affordable. Mind you the smoke, but it's worth the experience. :)

7. Cebu Provincial Capitol

The seat of government of Cebu. It looked like a White House and the design was very nice. I went here before but it was night, full of lights. I went there during Sinulog during day time but still remain beautiful.

8. La Marea at Crossroads

We went this place to try their famous Brownie Cup. Its a rich brownie with ice cream on top. Once I tasted this, I already got hooked. It is so delicious. I love the brownie, the ice cream and whole on it. It is a best place to have your snack. :)

9. Ayala Center Cebu (The Terraces)

A short jeepney ride will proceed you to Ayala Center. The design was great especially the Terraces where you will feel the environmental atmosphere since the landscape was greatly designed. One of my favorite malls I've visited. :)

These are the places I went during and after Sinulog festival.  Cebu has many places and sites to visit and I'm sure you will visit those places too in the next future. Come on, experience the Cebu hospitality. :)

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