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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Philippine Airlines Flight Review: MNL to DGT, January 2011

Arrived at Dumaguete-Sibulan Airport

Note of these codes:
MNL - Manila
DGT - Dumaguete 
PAL - Philippine Airlines

Travel solo is also fun. Sometimes I want to travel by myself to gain more confidence especially when you interact with people. It makes me more aware on what was good in traveling solo. Actually, my plane ride to Dumaguete is my first since I have been to many airports around the country and it was my first time to land at Dumaguete Airport. It was supposed to be a Cebu flight since I attended my first Sinulog Festival in Cebu City. But due to full flights since most of them will also go to Cebu, I decided to take a flight to Dumaguete to also meet my friends and officemates there and also to visit again the city. I have been to this city almost 2 years and I am excited to be back here.

My flight was at 7AM so I have to leave my house in Quezon City at 4:30AM. I rode a taxi and gladly the driver used a taxi meter. It was a short 30-minute travel time since there were no traffic along EDSA. I arrived at 5AM and did my check-in at 5:15AM. My flight was Philippine Airlines and so I arrived at NAIA Terminal 2.

check-in counter

line up for check-in

other check-in counters for PAL

at Pre-Departure Area

breakfast at Ya Kun

Kaya Toast with Mineral Water

Took a bite

my boarding pass

After I took my breakfast at Ya Kun Kaya Toast, I went to the gate S6 for boarding. However, the boarding procedures was done 15 minutes after. As I checked, most of the passengers were foreigners. I thought I was on an international flight. :)

Flight Number: PR 291
Route: Manila-Dumaguete
Airline: Philippine Airlines
Aircraft: Airbus 319-100
Flying Time: 75 minutes
Departure Time: 0715H
Arrival Time: 0830H

boarding time

tear off the boarding pass

to the gate, looking the aircraft

it's a full flight!

seated at 16A (Alpha)

my window seat view

Travel Smart! :)

picture of me

Welcome Onboard! - Philippine Airlines

Boarding procedure was fast and most of the passengers were cooperative. I also saw senior FAs in the aircraft. I quickly thought that there might be a check since the seniors were talking to the younger FAs. So it might be FA trainees. But anyway, I focused on the view outside.

taxiing to runway

to the runway

lining up for take-off

take off at 0715H

overlooking Taguig City

turning right

way above

more minutes to go

FAs serving our snacks

flight direction

above the clouds

final approach.. Cebu Island

ready for landing

arrived at Dumaguete


Cebu Pacific

Thank you Philippine Airlines

Dumaguete Airport

To the arrival area

Departure area

Overall flight was good. FAs assisted us well even though some senior FAs were graded by their performance. They did not looked pressure and they served our snacks well. The landing at Dumaguete Airport was a bit bumpy, maybe due to shorter runway. I love flying with Philippine Airlines and I enjoyed traveling with Asia's First, Shining Through! :)

Daghang Salamat (Thank you) Philippine Airlines! :)

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