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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Boracay Getaway Part 3: Nightlife @ Station 2, White Beachfront

Name of Trip: Panay Island Adventures 2010
Date: June 13 - 16, 2010
Destination: Iloilo City, Capiz, Aklan (Kalibo & Boracay) and Guimaras Island
Travel via: Air (Philippine Airlines & Airphil Express), Land (van, tricycle, multicab), Water (motor boat)

The sun comes down. Good Evening Boracay!

After our island hopping and a walk at the White Beach, we went back to our transient house in Station 3 for a short rest and to take clothes. We immediately went back to Station 2 to witnessed the famous sunset in which it faced the White beachfront. On board a tricycle, a mode of transportation in Boracay for PHP10. Travel time was only 10 minutes and we reached D'Mall in Station 2. 

lights went up

sunset view


sun comes down

low tide 

party for the rest

it sets the mood

Good Evening Boracay!

party time!

We were hungry that time and we went to D'Talipapa still at Station 2. We bought fish and sea foods at the market and we went to a store to let them cook. Price a bit expensive but still an experience treat for all of us here. Food was delicious too.

dining place

dinner time

happy eating!


We started to do our walk and experience night life. Actually, night life in Boracay particularly in Station 2 is rich and vibrant. There were lots of activities to offer aside from dining and relaxing. We went to different places and take some photos. It was so amazing to see different nationalities that we felt we were not in the Philippines. From Chinese, Korean, Japanese to Europeans, Americans and Australians gathered to this island. We only saw a handful of Filipino vacationers and it was fun.

Fruit Shakes

many choices of shakes

drinking shakes

While walking, we saw different establishments along the coastline. We took photos because lights were colorful and great views most especially.

Red Coconut

more activities

great lights

Mandarin Spa

oops, against the light

The Spa Center

The hotel

picture at the hotel

against the light again

now with light this time

at the tower miniature

group picture

During our walk, we saw the sand castle which was considered famous in Boracay. This was already featured in different magazines and television shows. We took photos and paid some donations (depends on the amount that you would give).

Sand castle

Blow candles

group picture!

another one

another sand castle


with a star-like sand sculpture

great work!

solo pic

nice lighting

great lights and designs

Some of them had their henna tattoos. We went to a shop along this station and all of them (except me and the other one) had tattoos either on hand, wrist and back. For only PHP80, they already had henna tattoos.

she had henna tattoo at her back

to her hand

up close

lining up to get tattoos

waiting for their turn


The best part of our nightlife is partying! We had a blast of activities and enjoyed our nightlife to the fullest. Boracay is really a paradise haven and we activities here were non-stop from morning until midnight. It was a great experience to ponder. 

Cafe del Mar

picture of me

group picture!


group picture!

have fun

side poses

wacky pose


stay at the sand

happy partying!

dance beat!

Continue to the next Boracay Adventures! :)


  1. Nice pictures! Very entertaining. You really enjoyed lots of fun activities here. I'm sure you won't forget these wonderful moments in Boracay. What a great travel experience!

  2. It is indeed that Boracay has the best night party! Most people say that life in Boracay starts when the sun goes down... :)


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