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Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Overnight Stay in Dumaguete City

Sylvannas time at Sans Rival, Dumaguete City

I have been to Dumaguete since 2009. But it took me few hours in exploring the city. Since I attended Masskara Festival in Bacolod, I don't much time in roaming around the city. The area was small but I was not able to roam the place completely. With the help of my friends here, I was able to discover some places here. 

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Source: Wikipedia

Two of my friends fetched me at the airport and they welcome me to the City of Gentle People. Dumaguete City is the capital of Negros Oriental and it was the seat of provincial government. It was a small city but it was progressing. We hailed a tricycle and took breakfast at Sta. Teresa restaurant which was 10 minutes away from the airport.

arrived at Dumaguete airport

breakfast at Sta. Teresa

After our breakfast, we headed to our site office for a short visit. The name was no change to SPi Global. I went there two years ago and the it was ePLDT Ventus. It was a big improvement from my initial visit last 2009. There were many employees during my visit and some of them greeted me. Taking some photos were also done there. :)

at the office

picture with DGT counterpart

enjoy our picture moments

have fun

picture with other groups

beside LP Hypermart

group picture

with Vivian

After our short stay in the office, we went to different places within Dumaguete. We roam around Silliman University where it I featured it on previous blog. We went also to Nevas and tried their Kuripot Pizza. Walk around Rizal Boulevard and bought Sylvannas at Sans Rival. 

Snacktime at Nevas

Happy group

Tricycle ride with Sheh and Fhernz

Silliman University

with Sheh and Belle

with Horace Silliman

stroll at Rizal Boulevard

at the boulevard

overlooking Cebu and Siquijor

the other side

great place for walking

stop at Sans Rival

their main branch

bought a box of Sylvannas for PHP120 (ten pieces)

I supposed to left Dumaguete by night to Cebu in order to attend the Sinulog Festival but Sheh invited to stay overnight and catch the first trip of Ceres the next morning at 3AM. Good thing that one of the officemates invited me to visit Zamboanguita (a town 30 minutes from Dumaguete) since they also celebrated a fiesta in honor to Sto. Nino. We went to Robinsons Dumaguete in order to meet with some other officemates. 

The largest mall in Dumaguete City

Belle bid us goodbye since she had to attend important matters and she told me that I will be back some other time. Sheh also said that she will be at home since her husband will be at their house by this time. Fhernz and I including other officemates rode a Ceres bus to Zamboanguita and meet us along the highway.

Zamboaguita, Begros Oriental. From Wikipedia

meet along the highway

picture time

took dinner

We had a great time and visiting to this place for the first time is worth amazing. I was treated to different meal such as humba (sweet tasting pork stew), chicken pastel, pork with kadyos and whole lot more. We also had videoke singing. We stayed there until 10PM but I told them that I have to go back to Dumuguete to catch the first trp of bus to Cebu. Since there were no other buses and jeepneys back to the city, they rented a motorcycle for our habal-habal trip. It only costs PHP100 and it took us one hour before we reached the city. We passed the towns Dauin and Bacong and we arrived at Dumaguete before 12 midnight. I thanked them for a wonderful stay and their hospitality while I'm here at Dumaguete. I went to Sheh and Mark's house. I supposed to sleep but I decided to upload some of the photos and update my social network status. 

update my social network status

It was a great time in Dumaguete City. Though it remained short as expected, I went to see some other areas I didn't went last 2009. I also thanked my friends and officemates who were very helpful and accommodating me in the city. I left Dumaguete at 3AM on board a Ceres bus bound for Cebu to celebrate Sinulog Festival. 

Daghang Salamat (Thank you) Dumaguete City! :)

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