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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Dumaguete City Sidetrip

Name of Trip: The Negros Island Navigation 2009
Date: October 18-21, 2009
Destination: Bacolod/Talisay/Silay cities & Murcia, Negros Occidental and Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
Travel via: Air (Philippine Airlines), Land (van, tricycle and Ceres Liner bus)

Sail Away Dumaguete!

After we celebrated Masskara Festival, we headed back to the pension house for a rest. But for me, it was a long journey down south of Negros Island. The next day, I headed to Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental by myself since I will be going to visit the other office site. It was my first time to visit Dumaguete City that's why I were a bit of weary of what might happen. But I believed by that time, it went smoothly as expected. :)

I went to Bacolod South Terminal since I asked Mang Jhun, our driver during Masskara Festival about the bus terminal going to Dumaguete. Actually, There are two major terminals in Bacolod, both operated, owned and used by Ceres liner. (I used Ceres because it is also known as bus here), one in the Ceres Northbound Terminal which caters passengers going North of Bacolod such as Victorias, Cadiz, Escalante, San Carlos Cities as well as Cebu City via San Carlos/DSB (Don Salvador Benedicto). For the Ceres Southbound Terminal caters of course south of Bacolod such as La Carlota, Kabankalan, Sipalay cities as well Negros Oriental such as Dumaguete, Mabinay, Canlaon, Bayawan and a lot more. I took the South Terminal since I went to Dumaguete.

South Terminal

few passengers by that time

one bus left for Cauayan, Negros Occidental

I arrived at the terminal at 02:30AM. There were few passengers by that time. Some were going to other towns and cities. I asked the dispatcher and he informed me that the first trip to Dumaguete was 03:00AM. For the airconditioned bus, it was 04:30AM. So no choice but to take the deluxe (the term non-aircon bus here) Ceres. As the scheduled time draw nearer, many passengers came in and once the bus arrived they immediately rode the bus. Good thing, the door was nearer to me and I was able to take seats. It was immediately filled with passengers. After few minutes, we were off the road.

I didn't take some photos along the road since I was sleepy due to hangover at Masskara Festival. Travel time took 7 hours due to numerous stops along the way. Fare by that time was PHP210 for the deluxe trip while the airconditioned bus was PHP270 one way. We also had series of stop overs at Binalbagan and Kabankalan city in Negros Occidental and Mabinay and Tanjay city in Negros Oriental before I finally arrived at 10:00AM in Dumaguete. I was a bit tired and I went to our site office. I hailed a tricycle and since it was my first time, I gave the complete address and the driver knew it already.

Trivia: Actually, road trip was fun since you will see the beauty of the island by passing the towns and cities of the two provinces. They made two stops in Negros Occidental: Binalbagan and Kabankalan city  and another 2 stops in Negros Oriental: Mabinay and Tanjay City. From Kabankalan City to Mabinay takes more than an hour to travel since you will pass mountains just like you are traveling to Baguio. I was so amazed on the fogs early on the morning that you will only see the ray of sunlight on the other side while you are passing to a darker road. Once you reached Mabinay, it was cold due to high altitude. I also observed the bus conductor who is bilingual. Once we left Bacolod city, he spoke in Hiligaynon (Ilonggo) and when we passed Negros Oriental, he spoke Bisaya (Cebuano) which I was amazed. Dumaguete City is a City of Gentle People and it was also a university town due to numerous universities and colleges  such as Silliman University and Foundation University.

Source: Wikipedia

First Stop: Office Site, LP Hypermart

I arrived to the site office at 10:30AM and I was greeted with my colleagues of this site. I was very happy because I finally meet them. I roamed around to this place and have some talks. While doing that, I took some photos:

this site along LP Hypermart, Bagacay, Dumaguete City

former name

former logo

entrance at this point

office interiors

operations site

in action

at work

met colleagues

picture taking!

After that, I bid goodbye since I was scheduled to be back to Bacolod by night. I left the site and I told them that I'd be back (which happened last 2011) on some other time. I hailed a tricycle and headed to some places along the city.

Next Stop: The Boulevard

This was also known as Rizal Boulevard. This place is one of the tourist destination in Dumaguete. It looks like Baywalk in Manila but this time, this place was very cozy and if you want to relax, just go here and you will find peaceful mind. On this place, I found 2 other island, on the left nearer to the place is Cebu while on the farther right is Siquijor.

Beautiful Boulevard

situated along the highway

nice place for relaxation

you will see Siquijor Island over there!

fast crafts

highway at the boulevard

trees along the boulevard

Honeycomb place

Next Stop: Sisters of St. Paul

Along the boulevard,. I stopped to this statue and read the history of it. It was written in Tagalog and they went to Dumaguete to teach students. I believed they were also the founder of St. Paul University which was erected here many years ago.

this is the place I stopped

read the history

in English version

situated along the boulevard

Next Stop: Cafe Antonio

Along boulevard, I found this place at the Spanish Heritage building along San Juan cor. Sta. Catalina Street. I took my break to this cafe and I found this place very cozy. Actually, one of my favorite coffee shops in this city. Every time I'll visit Dumaguete, I find time to drop by and enjoy the ambiance inside. This place make me feel more relaxed aside from the The Boulevard I mention above. I only took the photos outside for it will be a surprise to see for yourself what's inside the coffee shop. :)

More information about the cafe on this site:

Spanish Heritage Building

comes Cafe Antonio

coffee shop located upstairs... :)

Next Stop: Cathedral of St. Catherine of Alexandria

Honestly, I walked from the time I dropped off to the Boulevard, took my snacks at Cafe Antonio until I reached this cathedral. It was one of the oldest in Negros Oriental. I immediately went inside to pray and took some photos.

the cathedral

another shot

up close

inside the cathedral

at the altar

painting along the wall of cathedral

Next Stop: Campañario de Dumaguete

Also known as Dumaguete Bellfry. This was built upon one of the four original massive watchtower that parish priest Don Jose Manuel Fernandez de Septien built in the 1760's to discourage Moros from ransacking the town. It is one of the oldest structures in Central Visayas. It was just situated long the cathedral. This place was interesting since it was part of Dumaguete's history.

just beside the cathedral

old structure was preserved

one of the oldest in the region

the history

Next Stop: Handumanan

Just a walk along Perdices St. and I found a souvenir shop. I bought here that were uniquely Negros Oriental  in culture. They sell handicrafts, t-shirts, keychains and lot more. Handumanan means remembrance. Just like in their slogan: Bring Home Dumaguete With You

their logo

many shops inside

I bought keychains here

As I checked my watch, it was 03:30PM. I wasn't able to went to other places in the city such as Silliman University, SansRival, Negros Oriental Capitol, Sidlakang Negros and others due to limited number of time. I took a tricycle and headed to Ceres Bus Station. I waited for few minutes until an deluxe bus with a sign Bacolod-Mabinay arrived. The bus left at exactly 04:00PM and it was again a 7 hour journey until I reached to Bacolod at 11:00PM.

tricycles everywhere

Ceres Bus Terminal

buses to different routes along Negros Island

I was tired on that day but I enjoyed it. It was also my first time to experience traveling to these places. It was just an experience that will lead to future travels to these places which happened after two years. If I ask if I will do this again, I must say "Why not?!" :)

Daghang Salamat Dumaguete! :)

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