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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Back to Manila from Bacolod via Philippine Airlines

Name of Trip: The Negros Island Navigation 2009
Date: October 18-21, 2009
Destination: Bacolod/Talisay/Silay cities & Murcia, Negros Occidental and Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
Travel via: Air (Philippine Airlines), Land (van, tricycle and Ceres Liner bus)

Bye Bacolod! See you again soon...

We packed our things and Mang Jhun (our driver during Masskara Festival) drove us to Bacolod-Silay International Airport. But before we proceed to the airport, we went first to different locations to buy pasaluibongs (see previous blog). The airport was located in Silay City which is 15 kilometers from Bacolod city. It was relatively new compared to the old Singcang airport. This terminal was opened 4 years ago. We thanked Mang Jhun for his accommodating during our stay in Bacolod.

to the airport

going to check-in area

enter to check-in area

Flight Information Diisplay

Philippine Airlines Check-in Counter

long queues

waiting to be check-in

check-in counters

currently checked in

write something...

going to pre-departure and final security checks

on escalator

airport's check-in counter

We paid PHP200 terminal fee and proceed to final security check and we headed to the Gate 3 Pre-departure area.While waiting, we took some photos and do some plate spotting.

final security check

pre-departure area

no airplane yet

to the Mabuhay Lounge

PAL Mabuhay Lounge

Gallery of photos on Pre-departure area

photos on another gallery

seated at Gate 3

Cebu Pacific arrived first

followed by our plane

parked at our gate

Cebu Pacific

ready to accept passengers

Flight Number: PR134
Route: Bacolod-Manila
Airline: Philippine Airlines
Aircraft: Airbus 320-200
Flying Time: 70 minutes
Departure Time: 0955H
Arrival Time: 1105H

Almost 90% full on this flight and the boarding was little bit late. But it was smooth nevertheless. Good weather also that time.

ready for boarding

check the boarding passes

on board the aircraft

PAL interiors

a bit old compared to our first flight 

seated at 24D (Delta)

my sister and cousins Evy and Aris

my nephew, mother and me


taxiing towards the runway

take off

reaching high altitudes

along Negros Island

Negros coastline

Mindoro Island

Do you know this FA (flight attendant)?

he is a Starstruck Batch 1 alumni, Anton Dela Paz

Our flying time was supposed to be at 50 minutes but due to traffic at the airport (numerous take off and landings at the runaway), our flight was lengthened to 20 minutes. My nephew who was seated beside the window was busy taking photos in which I do not know where we are until I saw these:

Quezon City Circle

Taguig Area

Welcome back to Manila

at the Arrival Hall

Went out from the Terminal 2 Arrival area

across the waiting area

waiting to fetch us

my sister and my mother

me and my mother

The Manila Control Tower

It was indeed fun with my family on our Negros Island adventures. Most especially on our visit to my favorite Masskara Festival which makes that year more memorable. Aiming for another Masskara festival in many years to come! 

Damo gid nga Salamat Negros! :)

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