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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lunch like Home at Ka Lui Restaurant, Palawan

Date: March 2, 2010
Destination: Puerto Princesa City, Pallawan
Travel via: Toyota Hi-Ace Van

Welcome to Ka Lui!

Palawan is one of the most visited destination of the country whether by foreigners or locals. The famous Puerto Princesa Underground River makes this place haven for tourists. If you ask some locals what are the best restaurants of the city, they will answer you Ka Lui!

Before we proceed to the airport, we decided to have our lunch since our flight was at 5:40PM. Our driver brought us to the restaurant and we were amazed the beauty and the concept of this restaurant. By the way, this was located along Rizal Avenue (main road) in the city. It was owned by Mr. Luzerino Oliva. His friends and guests called him Ka Lui and thus the name of the restaurant. :)

Once you entered this place, you will feel like home. It was cozy and the ambiance was really cool. This place was Filipino inspired due to the materials used for structuring the place. They used made of bamboo and woven mats or what we called in Filipino banig. We were greeted by a group of staff and we were immediately advised to take off our shoes or sandals since this restaurant has a policy to be barefooted inside the restaurant. And we feel like home inside.



on the way to comfort room with some paintings of Ka Lui

ordering our meals


checking their menu

waiting for our meals

Actually, once we entered to this place, we asked if we would like to have a seat either on chairs or on the floor. We decided to seat on the chairs. We ordered individually and as I checked the menu, I ordered a Blue Marlin Choice Catch (PHP200). The Choice Catch (based on the menu) is a rice dish served with veggies of the day and choice of either Blue Marlin (my choice), shrimps, Tuna Steak or Fish Cordon Bleu. Veggies for the day (on that day) was fried eggplant tempura style and seaweed with tomatoes. It was so good and delicious. It was a healthy meal too. Some of them ordered other food. By the way, most of the food served were sea foods.

our ordered meals

my meal: Blue Marlin Choice Catch!

other meals: Sizzling Seafood Sisig and Shrimp in Garlic Butter

happy eating!

We were happy because our food was so delicious and we also love the interiors of the restaurant. We took some photos inside before and after our meals. Good thing we asked some of our locals here about the restaurant and certainly a worth visit and dining experience! :)


Thank you Ka Lui!

Here are my ratings:

Score base: 1 - Dissatisfied; 2 - Somewhat dissatisfied; 3 - Somewhat satisfied; 4 - Satisfied; 5 - Completely Satisfied

Location: 5 
Reason: Great location, and easily to find since it is a very known place and it was just along the main road of the city.

Interiors: 5 
Reason: Nice setting and place was cozy. You will feel like home inside.

Service: 5
Reason: They all smiling. They assisted you very well. They answered our questions politely. Good service before and after our meals.

Food: 4 
Reasons: nice array of menu. Healthy meals served. Most of the food served were sea foods and vegetables. 

Price: 4
Reason: Slightly higher on some restaurants but the taste and service worth the price..

Verdict: A definitely a must visit and dining experience while in Puerto Princesa, Palawan! :)

Contact Details:

Kalui Restaurant
Address: 369 Rizal Ave., Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Tel. No.: (048) 433 2580
Mobile No.: +639287539621
Operating Hours: Opens Monday to Saturday, Closed on Sunday; Lunch 11AM – 2PM; Dinner 6PM – 10:30PM

Note: Better by reservations. Why? You are lucky if you don't have any reservations and still have some spaces for you because this place was usually jam packed especially during dinner. :)

Continue to the next blog! :)

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