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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

CeBoHoL (Cebu-Bohol) Adventures [Part 1/4]

[Part 1]

Date: August 30-September 1, 2009
Destination: Cebu and Bohol
Travel via: Air (Philippine Airlines), Land (jeepneys, van, coaster), Water (fastcraft)

Magellan's Cross

Well, it seems that most of us were excited for this trip since this is the beginning of our so called "out of town" trips with these group of people. We were an avid travelers who wanted to explore within the Philippines. This is also one of our record breaking tours since we were group of 15 members - friends, officemates and my sister who also with me learning the cultures and explore the different foods that they offer on our 3 days and 2 nights trip.

How did it started? Last April 2009, my manager wanted to have an out of town trip with us and this time outside Luzon. So I checked the different airline websites until I found Philippine Airlines ( ultra low fares to Cebu. During that time, one-way fares was only PHP488 all-in (inclusive of tax, surcharges), so the round-trip fare was only PHP976 all-in! I immediately shared this to her and she approved it and I informed the rest of the group in the office who are interested and they immediately approved too. I also asked my sister if she could join us and she agreed to that. We booked 15 round trip tickets for dates August 30 to September 1, and the rest is history. :)

During 4-5 months before our trip, I searched for different hotels and van rentals since we will be staying for 3 days. They also informed to have a Bohol side trip in which I researched online. I also some of my friends in other forums and blogs and recommendations while staying in two provinces. They gave me an idea on how to search for low rates. How do I manage those? You will find out as you go along the way. :)

Tip: Plan and book early as possible. Things that you have to consider is the budget.  There were many promos on airline tickets nowadays so you have to choose wisely. First thing that you will choose is the airline reputation (Is this safe, reliable and will not cause delay of your flights?). Second will be choosing the best hotel, not only the rates but the accessibility to tourist attraction and most of all the safety of the location. Third thing will be a research of food. Look on different websites and search on the different food that the place has to offer. Check the variety of dishes including the price. Search for the best restaurants or cafes. If you want, try food trippings. Lastly, know the places that you will visit. Do a more research of different tourist spots of the places that you will visit. Check the cost of transportation. If you will rent a van, search early and look for affordable rates.  These will be great help especially on doing itinerary. If you plan early, you will save more money. :)

The moment has arrived on that day, August 30 was the start of our adventure. We met at NAIA Centennial Terminal (Terminal 2) for our flight to Cebu via Philippine Airlines.

Trivia: Ninoy Aquino International Airport has four terminals: (source: Wikipedia)
1. Terminal 1 was the old terminal that handles all international flights except those operated by Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines.

2. Terminal 2 was the Centennial Airport located at the Old MIA Road, was completed in 1998 and began operations in 1999. It has been named the Centennial Terminal in commemoration of the centennial year of the declaration of Philippine independence. Terminal 2 is exclusively used by Philippine Airlines for both its domestic and international flights. It is divided into two wings: the North Wing, for international flights, and the South Wing, which handles domestic operations.

3. Terminal 3 or NAIA-3, is the newest and biggest terminal in the NAIA complex. Cebu Pacific, Airphil Express and All Nippon Airways operate on this terminal.

4. The Manila Domestic Passenger Terminal, also known as NAIA Terminal 4, is host to all domestic flights within the Philippines that are operated by Zest Airways and South East Asian Airlines.

Remember to know these terminals if you have plans to fly to and from Manila. :)

at NAIA Terminal 2 South Wing (Domestic)

prepare for check-in

picture time!

Done check-in for our flights!

Picture one time! :)

at gate S2, pre-departure area

waiting for boarding

Flight Number: PR853
Route: Manila-Cebu
Airline: Philippine Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
Flying Time: 75 minutes
Departure Time: 0900H
Arrival Time: 1015H

This is my first time to ride a jumbo jet. I was excited to see the aircraft parked at our designated gate (S2). That aircraft handled more than 400 passengers (42 Business Class, 383 Economy Class).

Here comes the Big Bird! :)

boarding time!

happy to be inside Boeing 747-400! :)

look at the smiles in their faces! :)

and of course, me too! :)

Mabuhay, Welcome Aboard!

Boeing 747-400 interiors

the aisle

Seated at Row 66-Bravo (B)

me and Denver

I wasn't able to take much photos inside the plane and the view inflight. Travel was smooth until we landed at Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

Maayong Buntag Cebu!

picture again!

Travel Smart! :)

Thank you PAL Boeing 747-400 for smooth travel

Welcome to Cebu!

me and my sister

going to Arrival Area

picture at the arrival area

picture again!

outside the terminal

van going to the hotel

We rented a van and he fetched us at the airport. His name was Rudy and he was very accommodating to us. He assisted us well. By the way, I searched for a van rental and I found Cebu Executive.

We rented Toyota Hi-Ace van for 12 hours for only PHP4500 inclusive of fuel. So we divided to 15 persons, so the cost of our rental was only PHP300 per head.  I spoke to Ailyn  Duco and she was very helpful. There was a contact on the website. Remember, plan ahead in order to save time and money. :)

You can also download their rates here: Cebu Executive Rates

Our travel time from airport to hotel was 30 minutes since the airport was located at Lapu-Lapu City in Mactan Island and Cebu City is 10 kilometers from the airport. We arrived at Tuxedo Business Suites for our check-in.

The hotel logo

waiting for check-in

Excited on our rooms! :)

Reception area

FYI: Tuxedo Business Suites located at the heart of Cebu City. Their address was Pelaez Street which is nearer to University of San Carlos Main. The area is also in the middle of two main roads: Del Rosario and Colon Streets. Prices were affordable especially if you travel by groups.

Their rooms

For more information, you may visit their website including their rates as well:  Tuxedo Business Suites

We took small rests and some of them changed clothes and we headed back to the van for the start of Cebu day tour with our tour guide and driver, Mang Rudy.

Start of our "laag"

Continue to Part 2! :)

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