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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Warriors invade Bicol Region! [Part 4/4]

[Part 4]

Date: June 14-16, 2009
Destination: Legazpi/Ligao/Tabaco cities, Daraga/Camalig/Polangui/Pantao in Albay & Naga/Pili in Camarines Sur
Travel via: Air (Philippine Airlines & Cebu Pacific), Land (jeepneys, tricycle)

Note: This is for archiving purposes. But still worth sharing. :)

Where are you Mayon?

This is our third and last day of stay in Bicol Region. Actually, we have many plans or itineraries but due to time constraints, we weren't able to fulfill that. We hoped that one day, we will be going to other places that we didn't went such as Sorsogon (Donsol, Bulan), Tiwi in Albay and others. 

Trivia: Embarcadero during that time was not yet open but we saw the construction of new attraction in Legazpi city. The Embarcadero is a major waterfront development in Legazpi fronting the main harbor of Legazpi with views towards Mayon Volcano. It consists of retail spaces, restaurants, markets, a major civic space and landmark lighthouse. (Source: Legazpi City)

Our last trip was at Ligñon Hill. We literally went up to the hill in order to see the view of Legazpi city and hoping to see the full view of Mayon Volcano. It took us more than an hour in order to hike the hill. Along our way, we took some shots and here it shows:

This way to Ligñon Hill

A long, long way up!

You will see Legazpi Airport and Runway

the view of the city

and the airport...

and the Pacific Ocean

Legazpi City up close

More way up! :)

It was really a long journey until we reached on top of the hill. There was a construction going on but we managed to take some photos. However, Mayon Volcano was still surrounded by thick clouds. So we spend taking some photos and having fun on top of the hill. 

Mayon, please show to us...

Ligñon Hill Park

ray of sunlight

Mayon, where are you?

Me at Ligñon Hill Park

overlooking Legazpi City

picture time

group picture!

one more time!

Jump Shot!

Cebu Pacific, took off the runway

going back to the ground

Here comes PAL!

We headed back to Mommy Eva's house and we had our breakfast. We packed our things since our flight was at 11:50AM. We bought some pasalubong such as Pili Nuts, handcrafted bag for my mother, souvenir items such as wallet, key chains and many more. We took a tricycle and we arrived at Legazpi Airport in just 10 minutes.

preparing our things...

lined-up for our check-in

Picture at the airport

pay our PHP30 Terminal Fee

picture one time

and another... :)

Pre-Departure area, waiting for our plane to arrive.

Bye Ligñon Hill, Bye Mayon, Bye Legazpi, Bye Bicol! 

Flight Number: 5J324
Route: Legazpi-Manila
Airline: Cebu Pacific
Aircraft: Airbus 320-200
Flying Time: 60 minutes
Departure Time: 1200H
Arrival Time: 1300H

boarding time!

boarding at the rear of the plane

Cebu Pacific interior

seated at Row 20D, E and F

FA doing safety demonstration

Bye Mayon, see you next time!

over the clouds

thick clouds

final approach

look how dense Metro Manila was!

final descend

Welcome Back to Manila

parked at NAIA Terminal 3

Thank you Cebu Pacific!

Travel Smart!

our plane

using walkalator

NAIA Terminal 3 arrival area


getting our baggage

Welcome Home Manila! :)

It was indeed a great experience especially that we visited many places. Our team was treated with warm hospitality on our 3-day stay in Bicol. Thanks to Mommy Eva for being a wonderful host. This was not the end of our trip as a team. We have many travel series with them. You will see them on some other travel blogs here. 

As for the majestic Mayon Volcano that remained unseen during our stay. According to some people who visited before that Mayon never show to first time visitors and she encourage to visit once again to see her beauty... and hopefully we will...

Dios Mabalos Bicolandia! :)

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