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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dagupan City's Tondaligan Beach during Typhoon Pepeng (Parma)

Date: October 4, 2009
Destination: Manaoag and Dagupan City, Pangasinan
Travel via: Coaster bus
Alma, look the big wave at your back!

After we took our lunch at Matutina's Seafood Restaurant, our team decided to go to the Beachfront. It was just a few meters walk from the restaurant. We knew that it will be a rough Lingayen Gulf that we faced, what surprised to us is mocha-flavored water due to strong wind that force its nature back to the seashore. We didn't expect to look like that but it's a heck of experience so to speak.

Source: Wikipedia

Tondaligan Beach is one of the attractions in Dagupan City. It was a place for picnics and swimming. Actually the beach looks like this without any weather disturbance:

nice sunlight, great for picnics and swimming

But when we visited that place during the onslaught of Typhoon Pepeng (Parma) last 2009. It looked like this:

A rough Lingayen Gulf

mocha-flavored beach

big waves coming to shore

here comes another one!

We do nothing but to take photos since it was one of the experience chasing the waves during the typhoon.


chasing the waves

hurry, another waves will be coming! :)

After that, we went back to Dagupan City downtown to buy some fish at the seafood market. I wasn't able to take photos due to severe weather condition. We bought some boneless bangus which it cost PHP50 for 4 pieces that was already deboned, Malaga (Samaral in Tagalog, it also used in Cebu as danggit for salted fish) and others. After that we went back to Manila that afternoon. We arrived in Manila at 7PM. 

The next week, we were informed that Typhoon made its return to the Luzon and struck Northern area in which Pangasinan was greatly affected. We also saw the overflowing of Agno River that we passed that way days ago. Typhoons really affect the Filipino people but it will never destroy the faith and courage that we continue to move forward for greater future.  

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