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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Island Hopping @ Honda Bay, Palawan

Name of Trip: Palawan Eco-Adventures 2010
Date: February 27 - March 2, 2010
Destination: Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Travel via: Air (Philippine Airlines), Land (van, tricycle), Water (motorboat)

More fun at Honda Bay

We are all complete! After a day spent on going to Palawan in three batches, our day 2 opens with a blast by having a whole day island tripping to the famous Honda Bay. We woke up at 6:00AM at Casa Fuerte, our home for 3 days and took our breakfast and left the hotel at 7:00 courtesy of our package tour from Petal Travel and Tours. We were greeted by Aileen, our tour guide and we headed for Honda Bay for island hopping. We were indeed excited and after 30 minutes, we were at the port area and get our things ready for we have to start by riding a motor boat.

registration area

picture time!

group picture

we were excited huh! :)

rented goggles for snorkeling

on board a motorboat

me seems excited on island hopping! :)

group picture

life vest ready!

all aboard!

By the way, according to Aileen, several editions have made and the original name is Hunda but due to many tourists' pronunciation, they considered it as Honda. That's why the name at the registration was already spelled as HONDA instead of HUNDA (the original name). But anyway, the trip is worth amazing. It was a smooth boat ride and we really felt the excitement of getting off to the first island. It took us 20 minutes until we reached the first island.


It is part of Honda Bay island group where literally the name came from a plant which was abundant on this island. It was the first stop of all island hoppers. We spend more time here. It was also a great time for swimming, snorkeling and of course picture taking! :) We also took our lunch here. 

approaching Pandan Island

waiting to be there

picture with the island at the background

picture again!

our motorboat on the right

on our way to the cottage

great sand


Welcome to Pandan Island!

good thing it's clear skies

swimming time

more fun


me pose too

lifeguard? :)

great white sand

fly away!

all jump!


explore other areas

lunch time

eat, eat, eat

happy eating!

let's eat! :)

onto the next island


After we took our lunch, we proceed to our next island destination, Snake Island. It was named due to a long, extended sand bar and it looked like a snake when seen from above. It is also a nice place to hang out and to do snorkel. The moment we went off the boat, we immediately do snorkeling. There were many fishes even we were nearer the surface. However, some of us were bitten by fish, they felt it. I asked the locals and according to them, its a territorial fish in which the name itself, they protected their area so once you come close to their place, they will attach you. Nothing to scared of, but still snorkeling was really fun.

approaching Snake Island

waiting to be there too

a little more

Welcome Sign


there's a long stretch of sandbar over there

snorkeling time


picture again!

me to do snorkeling

me at the sandbar 

happy snorkeling



Last Stop: REEF

The last hopping is the reef wherein we have to dive 6-9 meters deep to explore the different corals and fishes below. Since the tour will set on three islands, Aileen toured us on other islands we passed by, Bat Island - where home of different species of bats found in one island, Starfish Island where it was partly owned by Dos Palmas but it will be sooner be built as a resort in the near future. By the way, we weren't able to go to that Island because it is the farthest and basically, it is not part of the tour itinerary. The last one was Luli wherein it was short name in Tagalog, "LU-lubog, LI-litaw Island."

Starfish Island

Starfish Island also

Bat Island

The Reef, for snorkeling 

eat fishes


enjoy the view

It was a whole day activity and we ended our Island Hopping at 4:30PM. We went back to our hotel and rest a little bit and we went to city proper to buy some pasalubongs. We also went to city's version of Baywalk since was very clean and orderly. We stayed for a while and the went back to city proper. We also ate at Chowking and we were informed that we have to wake up as early as 5AM for we will be leaving as early as possible due to Underground River tour. Seems we were excited and we followed their advise. 

went to buy pasalubong here

many dried fishes

went to buy something here

picture time

at the Baywalk

nice place of relaxation

the sun comes down

me chasing the moon

Continue to the next blog! :)


  1. Hi! The photos are great! :) I'm also heading to PP this coming feb! :)

  2. Thank you. :) Hope you njoy your stay there. One of the best in the Philippines. :)


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