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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Philippine Airlines Flight Review: MNL to ILO, June 2010

Name of Trip: Panay Island Adventures 2010
Date: June 13 - 16, 2010
Destination: Iloilo City, Capiz, Aklan (Kalibo & Boracay) and Guimaras Island
Travel via: Air (Philippine Airlines & Airphil Express), Land (van, tricycle, multicab), Water (motor boat)

Arrived at Iloilo Airport

Note of these codes:
MNL - Manila
ILO - Iloilo
PAL - Philippine Airlines

After two weeks of my Mindanao vacation last May 2010, I was on another vacation and this time with my agents at work. It was a planned trip to Boracay Island but since most of the flights and promo fares are fully booked, I suggested to them to have a trip to Iloilo and headed to Boracay via land travel. Good thing that Philippine Airlines had a promo on flights to Iloilo for PHP700 per passenger which taxes, surcharges were included. We immediately booked that flight. It was a one-way flight since we didn't decided on the date of our flight back to Manila.

Our flight was June 13 and we took the first flight of Philippine Airlines to Iloilo: 5AM. We were ten on this trip and I was the only male in the group. We met at the office at 2AM and left at 3AM to the NAIA Terminal 2. We arrived at the airport 30 minutes after due to no traffic.

check-in, the big monitor was not working

Check-in time

My travel buddies

waiting to get their boarding passes

many passengers

me at the check-in counter

my boarding pass

with my boarding pass

with Anne and Lea

Check-in was a breeze and we paid PHP200 Terminal Fee and proceed to Final Security checks. We had our light breakfast and then we went to our gate S1 for final boarding. We roamed around the terminal since it was 4AM and we need to kill some time there. After few minutes, boarding time was ready.

Flight Number: PR 139
Route: Manila-Iloilo
Airline: Philippine Airlines
Aircraft: Airbus 320-200
Flying Time: 50 minutes
Departure Time: 0525H
Arrival Time: 0615H

boarding time, blurred edition! :)

Our aircraft

happily seated

same as we

my self pic

excited? Yes I am! :)

not so full flight

seated at 20E (Echo)

We boarded late by 10 minutes. Our aircraft was parked at North Wing of the terminal so we have to walked few meters from Gate S1 to Gate N1. According to some ground crew, the flight came from Singapore and it was decked in International Wing. We supposed to left by 5AM but it was delayed for 20 minutes due to one person was not boarded in the plane but it was checked-in earlier. So his baggage was remove from the cargo and it took less than 10 minutes. We took off at 5:20AM.

taxiing to the runway


Iloilo coastline

final descend

excited and ready to rock Iloilo

happy to be here!

deplaning time

Iloilo Control Tower

Iloilo Airport

Going down to Baggage Area

picture time

happy to be here in Iloilo!

our airplane

Thank you PAL!

at Baggage Hall

Waiting for our baggage


Welcome to Iloilo!

Our flight to Iloilo was relatively smooth. It was great flying with the flag carrier. They served us biscuits with a choice of refreshments such as coffee, tea or water. Cabin crew were also attentive to passengers' needs. 

Van ride to Iloilo

We rented a van and we used it on our day tour in the city. We were hungry by that time and we took our breakfast in the city proper. 

Maayong aga (Good Morning) Iloilo! :)

Continue to the next blog! :)

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