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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Durian Challenge @ Durian Garden, Polomolok, South Cotabato

Name of Trip: My Mindanao Family Affair 2010
Date: May 22 - 27, 2010
Destination: General Santos City, Sarangani Province & Davao city
Travel via: Air (Philippine Airlines & Cebu Pacific), Land (van, tricycle, bus)

The largest durian! :D

During my stay in General Santos was fun and exciting since I was on a vacation and my nieces and nephews were also on summer vacation so we were touring all day long. One day, one of my nephew asked if we could go and have some place to eat the king of fruit. I asked him what was that and he quickly answered Durian. I was a bit worried because durian is one of the fruit that I don't eat, not just the stinking smell but also the fruit was high in cholesterol. I asked him where do we find a store that sells durian here in Gensan? One of my niece suggested that there was a place in Polomolok, South Cotabato that has a farm and she called it Durian Garden. I checked the time and it was 2PM so I decided to have some sidetrip to Durian farm. 

Polomolok, South Cotabato. Source: Wikipedia

The place was in Polomolok, a town in South Cotabato, which was beside General Santos City. It is a bustling town not only in South Cotabato but in the entire Mindanao Island. It was also located the Dole Philippines, which was famous on pineapple plantation that grows, process and exports fresh and canned pineapples worldwide. It was also the largest producer of asparagus which they also exported it within the country and outside the Philippines. Income was generated well to this town which has a plan to become a city in the near future since it has already reached the requirements of being a city. 

It was a short 20 minute ride from Gensan and Durian Gardan was located along the National Highway. We automatically saw the sign and the huge durian greeted us. 

Welcome to Durian Garden!

me and the big durian!

group picture 

different smiles especially my aunt! :)

another shot!

Good thing that there were no entrance fee to this garden. Once we entered the farm, there were many durian trees with some other planted trees such as rambutan, jackfruit and mangosteen. It was a great place since we learned about the importance of durian and also the medical benefits of the king fruit.

good for seminar too

chasing the bird

nice place

durian tree

rambutan tree

rambutan is not yet ripe

group picture

There was also a pasalubong center that sells different kinds of products made from durian. These are durian candy, durian bar, durian de yema (balls) and durian otap. I also saw other products such as fermented asparagus, patatas (toasted bread), and many more. It was sold at affordable price. What's challenging here to eat famous product here at the farm: durian ice cream and durian pie.

Here comes the challenge!

My nephews and nieces asked me to have some snacks and we ate these foods. Honestly, it was great especially the ice cream. There was an after taste of the durian but still delicious.

waiting for ice cream!


Durian Pie

time to eat!

love the ice cream!

Happy Snacks! :)

The experience was great and fulfilling. I know that durian was a challenge not only for me but for those who are not familiar with the fruit especially that durian has benefits. I also have the time to took photos of me holding a durian fruit. I enjoyed this moment. :)

Durian fruit!

happy! :)

How to get there:

Durian Garden is located along the National Highway. From General Santos City downtown, turn right going to Koronadal City. You will be passing Polomolok town proper and on the way to another town named Tupi, you will immediately see the logo of a big durian as you see the picture on the first part. If you are commuting, take Yellow Bus Line bound for Koronadal (Marbel) and ask the bus conductor to drop you off to Durian Garden. Fare was between PHP20 to PHP30.

More information below:

Durian Garden Atbp.
Address: Awas, Sulit, Polomolok, South Cotabato
Contact Numbers: +639298299894, (083)-2256319


  1. Hello BIG fella, I am in Australia and looking at moving to Phili, your Durian Farm visit was really enjoyable and to see you and your family having such a good time is to me what Phili is all about.. I thank you o so much.
    Eddie Australia

  2. Thank you for the appreciation, Eddie! It was indeed a great place to stay in the Philippines. Great views and best people! Enjoy! :)


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