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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Warriors invade Bicol Region! [Part 2/4]

[Part 2]

Date: June 14-16, 2009
Destination: Legazpi/Ligao/Tabaco cities, Daraga/Camalig/Polangui/Pantao in Albay & Naga/Pili in Camarines Sur
Travel via: Air (Philippine Airlines & Cebu Pacific), Land (jeepneys, tricycle)

Note: This is for archiving purposes. But still worth sharing. :)

Mayon Volcano on the other side.

We took a rest for a while and we headed to the rented jeepney and travel within the perimeter of Mayon Volcano. Some of us were first timers here in Albay so we were excited. :)

Source: Wikipedia

First Destination: Daraga Church

We first visited Daraga Church. Then, we prayed and roam around the church vicinity. The Daraga Church or Our Lady of the Gate Parish was constructed in 1773 atop Sta. Maria Hill in Brgy. San Roque in Daraga, Albay. It is uniquely known for its rich baroque architecture. Design was very constructive that it really shows good craftmanship.

Welcome to Daraga Church
Up close to the church

The history


You will see the view of Mayon Volcano right beside the church. However, due to thick clouds surrounded the volcano, it looked into this:

the shy Mayon Volcano hiding in thick clouds

But it never stop taking photos... :)

Picture at the right side of Daraga Church

Good thing Ligñon Hill was not shy... :)

Picture picture! :)

Next Destination: Cagsawa Ruins

We went to Cagsawa Ruins but before we reached that area, we passed to the lahar areas and uninhabited sites. According to Mommy Eva and the locals here, this is the site where the Guinobatan tragedy happened last 2006 where the Typhoon Reming struck Bicol and all houses and people were buried. (see: Guinobatan Tragedy) It is quite scary to see and I wasn't able to take some photos. But I prayed that souls of those people who perished bring into eternal life.

In few minutes, we reached the Cagsawa Ruins. As a child and also avid fan of HEKASI (Heograpiya, Kasaysayan, Sibika) subject during Grade school years, which it was yearly discussed. It is one of main attractions in Albay. You will see pictures, postcards or even drawings of a Mayon Volcano with a belltower beside of it. However, due to shyness of the volcano, we were only see the remains of belltower. By the way, let's have a bit of history:

The Cagsawa Ruins (also spelled as Kagsawa or Cagsaua) are the remnants of an 18th century Franciscan church, the Cagsawa church, built in 1724 and destroyed by the 1814 eruption of the Mayon Volcano. It was destroyed during the most destructive eruption of the nearby Mayon Volcano in February 1, 1814. The eruption killed an estimated 1,200 people in the surrounding areas and buried the town of Cagsawa (among others) under several hundred million cubic meters of ash. (source: History of Cagsawa Ruins)

Welcome to Cagsawa Ruins!

The history of the church ruins

Mayon Volcano remained shy

Picture time!

Read the rules before you enter.

There were many pasalubong shops beside the attraction. It is just like in Baguio city that every attraction has its pasalubong shops surrounded. More of the shops sells Bicolano delicacies such as pili nuts and with some handcrafted materials such as bags, wallets, etc.

"Please come in" in Bicolano dialect

many to choose from

bags, wallets, hats, name it...

Pili nut keychains

After we visited Daraga town, we headed for almost one-hour journey to Tabaco city. Literally, we roamed around Mayon Volcano and we passed Camalig and Ligao city until we reached Tabaco city. 

Next Stop: Mayon Rest House

But before we proceed to the city proper, we went to Mayon Rest House. Our jeepney climb few kilometers. Meaning that we went at the foot of the volcano! But, where is Mayon rest house located?

The rest house is located at half way to the tip of Mayon Volcano, which is 8500 feet above sea level. The rest house was built beside the Seismological instrument initially built by the Americans, and now used by the Philippines Astronomical, Geological and Seismological Agency. This is also the starting point for mountaineers who climbed the peak of the volcano.

Based on studies from hundreds of years, this side of the volcano has not been hit by lava flow from the many eruptions of Mayon. A good enough reason why the instruments were installed to monitor it's volcanic activity and be able to predict its forthcoming eruptions. (source:

Latest News: This site is now named Mayon Skyline Hotel and Convention Center. And according to the news, Mayon Planetarium was considered a danger zone. (source:

Mayon Planetarium

we are at the volcano, hundred of meters above!

so cold here!

Stairways to Volcano... :)

More stairs to climb and reach the top! :)

I'm on half-way. Picture me first! :)

Finally at the top! :)

Once you reached the top, actually not the crater huh, but the main attraction, you will see the panoramic view of other mountains and Tabaco city. We were amazed by that and we do nothing but to take photos.

view of Tabaco City

other mountains surrounded by thick clouds just line Mayon

Tabaco City up close with San Miguel Island

Team Ultimate Warriors, at the top!

Team Warriors, Best Team for the month of March and April 2009!

Unexpected Next Stop: Finally, Mayon Volcano!!

Why we say unexpected? It is because Mayon Volcano finally see it's beauty with clouds surrounded on it. We were on our way down from Mayon Rest House until one of team members shouted that Mayon has finally saw its whole shape. We were hurriedly step down from jeepney and we saw Mayon without clouds but it has thick white smoke from the crater. We were excitedly taking photos after photos. Until we saw something unusual: the volcano is not as perfect as we know. See these photos:

Mayon Volcano finally saw its beauty!

Mayon on other colors

Mayon is not as perfect as you see, Why?

because you will see the flaw on the right side of the volcano...

But nevertheless, thank you for letting us see your beauty, Mayon!

Another picture moment with the rest of the team! :)

We went back to Legazpi city to packed our things and we went straight to Mommy Eva's hometown: Pantao, Libon, Albay. We have to passed Polangui and Oas towns and it took us one and a half hours before we reached the destination. We arrived at the coastal area at around 8PM. We took our dinner and have fun in the coastline. However, my camera was already battery empty so I wasn't able to take photos. My team members were having a drink and do some videoke singing. However, rains dampened the happenings of the team and we decided to sleep. 

The next morning, we went to the beach and some of us were happily swimming. Here are some of our snap shots:

Albay coastline

Swimming time!

Swimming even it rained!

Another view on Albay coastline 

Look at Burias Island over there!


floating, floating!

girls are picking up some coral stones.

face the cam,era girts.. :)

Our breakfast in Libon, Albay!

while preparing for next travel, videoke time! :)

let's sing videoke this morning! :)

singing while posing boys! :)

Jeepney ride for our next destination

More adventures, pictures and stories on next blog! :)

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