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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Night Out with my Nieces @ Robinsons Place Gensan

Name of Trip: My Mindanao Family Affair 2010
Date: May 22 - 27, 2010
Destination: General Santos City, Sarangani Province & Davao city
Travel via: Air (Philippine Airlines & Cebu Pacific), Land (van, tricycle, bus)

Bonding Time @ Coffee Club 101

We left Durian Garden with some dark clouds on our way back to General Santos City. Once we reached to the city, rain started to pour. We supposed to go back to the house of my aunt but I decided to went down with my 4 nieces at KCC Mall of Gensan, the largest mall in the city. As we went inside the mall, heavy rainshowers with some thunderstorms heard. The mall was huge with some establishments similar on what I saw in Metro Manila. It was also the most crowded mall. I told them to go to another mall and we decided to go to Robinsons Place Gensan.

Good thing that rain already stop and we call tricycle and asked the driver to drop us at Robinsons. KCC Mall and Robinsons are along the highway and easily accessible due to numerous tricycles and jeepneys within the city. After 10 minutes, we already at Robinsons. As we entered the mall, I was surprised that the mall was only one storey. Only Robinsons Department Store has 2 storeys. We roamed around the mall and check some shops. Since we were hungry, I asked them on where are we going to eat. Since they were undecided on which place, I found Rai Rai Ken and we went inside. Rai Rai Ken has stores nationwide and I decided to eat here since I want noodles. :)

checking the menu

picture before checking the menu

chow noodles!

picture on the other cam

happy dining!

solve! :)

Meal was somewhat affordable and we were full of the food we ate. We roamed again inside the mall. Actually, interior was easily to navigate so you will never lost. The mall was smaller than KCC Mall of Gensan but larger than Gaisano Mall.After we roamed inside the mall, I asked them to have some coffee or tea drinking session. We headed to Coffee Club 101 which was located along alfresco shops.

The homegrown coffee shop

many customers

waiting for our drinks

my niece

picture, picture!

my ice blended tea

great shot!

drinking time!

their logo!

take a sip!

have some cakes and pastries


It was just right beside Blugre Coffee, the first coffee shop we went and it was already mentioned on previous blog post. It was a great bonding time with my three nieces. We have some talks and sharing their stories which it was fun. It was also a great day of waiting the rain to stop. 

Note: Grab A Crab (restaurant) and Coffee Club 101 formed a magic duo and became successful here in Gensan. There were two branches here in the city. One is in Robinsons Place Gensan and the other one is at J.P. Laurel East. In Davao, they also has a branch which located at Abreeza Ayala Mall.

Continue to the next blog! :)

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