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Saturday, September 8, 2012

CeBoHoL (Cebu-Bohol) Adventures [Part 4/4]

[Part 4]

Date: August 30-September 1, 2009
Destination: Cebu and Bohol
Travel via: Air (Philippine Airlines), Land (jeepneys, van, coaster), Water (fastcraft)

Cebu Provincial Capitol

We arrived from Bohol at 8PM in Cebu Port Terminal 1. We rented a multicab and we went back to the hotel for a short rest. After that, we went to Larsian for some quick dinner. We again chose Larsian because we wanted to eat at low price and yet delicious meal. After our dinner, we went to Cebu Provincial Capitol which was few meters from Larsian.

Side trip: Cebu Provincial Capitol

The Cebu Provincial Capitol Building is the seat of government of the province of Cebu. The Capitol houses the offices of the governor, the legislative hall of the provincial board and other provincial and national government offices. It is located in Osmena Boulevard at the corner of Escario Street. The exterior of the Capitol has white paint all over and its most attention getting part is the massive white dome in the center and the concave façade of the building. The white dome somehow reminds me of the dome of the United States’ Capitol building in Washington D.C. (Source: Everything Cebu)

looks like in US Capitol Building!

sister's picture

group pic

wide shot

look the capitol dome!

wacky poses

Cebu Seal and Map

capitol site

great lights

We went back to the hotel and we took rest. We woke up at 7AM and Mang Rudy, the driver of our rented van texted me that he was already at the parking area infront of the hotel. Some of us were already done taking a bath and prepared their things. I told them that we have to buy pasalubong since our flight back to Manila was in the afternoon. We rode again the rented van and went to different places to buy pasalubongs.

our rented van - Toyota Hi-Ace

Good Morning guys!

have fun

It's Pasalubong day!

First Stop: Taboan Market

We arrived at Taboan Market after 15 minutes. This place was famous to buy dried fish or what we call "danggit". They were many variants of dried fish which was sold at very minimal prices. Actually, all of us bought dried fish and other goods. This place was part of tourist attractions in Cebu. Aside from dried fish, other Cebu delicacies that were great for pasalubong. These are Cebu chorizo (sausages), Carcar Chicharon, Dried Mangoes, Mango Puree and whole lot more. While we bought dried fish, we also busy taking photos. :)

Welcome to Taboan Market

many dried fish to choose from

look those variety of dried fish

dried fish and Cebu Chorizo at the right

many stalls sells dried fish

how much are those?

pack for pasalubong

but some dried fish

fish, squid and many more

buy some "danggit"

Pila nga tanan? (How much all in all?)

dried fish in bilao

pack for pasalubong

dilis up close

fish tocino

fish hubad

dried squid

the famous danggit

they also sells dried mangoes!

Next Stop: Shamrock's Otap

They say that the best otap is in Shamrock. Well' it's very true. Once we arrived at Shamrock, there were many customers lined up in order to buy their famous otap. Otap is toasted bread with some sugar toppings on it. It is famous in Cebu and great for pasalubong. Other than otap, they also sells other bakery products such as sinudlan, barquillos, rosquillos and many more.

Welcome to Shamrock

we buy pasalubong


picture again

Next Stop: CnT Lechon

We intended to drop by to this place to have lunch and at the same to taste the best lechon since we were already in Cebu. Many say that CnT has the best lechon in the city. We tried it and we went all the way to Reclamation Area which was just across SM City Cebu. Once we entered the place, we were only the customers. But in few minutes, many people came in. Good thing we were first in the line. We were excited and eager to eat lechon.

waiting for our meal


getting a cut

and chop!

craving for this!


there's more left.

Trivia: Many say that the best tasting lechon is in Cebu. I believe that! Their secret are the herbs and spices. Some they used tanglad (lemon grass) and some used onion stalks to make the aroma of the roasted pig. Even Anthony Bourdain of No Reservations agreed that the best tasting pork is in Cebu, Philippines. Aside from CnY, there were many lechon houses in Cebu. There's Zubuchon, which I will feature during my next visit in Cebu and some other areas such as in Talisay and Carcar cities. In Manila, the best sauce for lechon is the sarsa (Lechon sauce) which is made from pig's liver (grinded) plus other condiments such as vineger, salt and pepper. In Cebu, the best sauce in lechon is suka (vinegar) and sometimes, they put chilis on it.

Last Stop: Mactan-Cebu International Airport

After we ate lechon on lunch, some of us brought slices of lechon for their pasalubong. We hurriedly back to the hotel for our check out and packed our things and headed to Mactan-Cebu International Airport. We do some last minute shopping at Island Souvenir which was right beside the Marina Mall n Lapu-Lapu City, along airport road. We bought some t-shirts, key chains and many more. Our flight was at 3:45PM via Philippine Airlines and we arrived at the airport at 2:00PM. Mang Rudy was very helpful and we thanked him for being hospitable on our stay in Cebu. He also thanked me and he said that if we have plans to go back, just contact them. For promotional purposes, here is the website of rent-a-van:

We made ourselves check-in at Philippine Airlines counter. We supposed to have window seat but according to the crew, flight was very full so we were not seated to one another. We were seated almost at the back of the plane. We paid PHP200 Terminal fee and we headed to the pre-departure area.

waiting for our flight!

our airplane

Flight Number: PR858
Route: Cebu-Manila
Airline: Philippine Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 330-300
Flying Time: 60 minutes
Departure Time: 1545H
Arrival Time: 1645H

Note: We weren't able to take some photos inside the plane due to restrictions and we were seated separately due to full flight. We took Airbus 330-300 that seats 302 passengers. We only took photos at Cebu and Manila airports.

Cebu Airport tube

back to Manila

Welcome back Manila!

at the Arrival area

our baggage

Thank you guys! Until next "laag" moments! :)

Overall: It was a great experience traveling in a group. We feel bonded and united especially that we know the styles of travel. It was great joining with them and learning the cultures and traditions of two provinces: Cebu and Bohol. This is one of the greatest travel experiences we had. And it doesn't stops there since more  adventures and fun on my next blog! :)

Daghang Salamat Cebu and Bohol! :)

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