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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Team Building Activity at Botolan, Zambales

Name of Trip: Team Building at Zambales
Date: May 13 & 14, 2010
Destination: Botolan, Zambales
Travel via: rented jeepney

Great sunset along South China Sea

One of the best things that you will enjoy during summer is going to the beach. What's more exciting to be there was doing a team building. One great summer of 2010, our campaign decided to have an activity which was more of a bonding time. We rode a rented jeepney and traveled more than 4 hours from Manila to Botolan, Zambales which was south of the Iba, the capital town of Zambales and wil take additional 1 hour travel from Olongapo and Subic.

Botolan, Zambales from Source

We went to a resort and we started to some of activities like swimming at the beach, they have swimming pool at the resort. We also brought our food. It was more of a chit-chat sessions with other members.

Botolan coast line

took brunch

eating time!

bonding moment

picture at the beach

another shot!

After we took our brunch (combination of Breakfast and Lunch), we took a rest for a bit and we started to swim. It so hot and sky was very clear on that time. It was summer so definitely we felt the scorching heat of the sun. We immediately went to the pool for swimming.

swimming time!


beat the heat!

picture time!


picture of me

waiting for activities

me again

Our activity started late in the afternoon. It was full of activities courtesy of Developmental training group. It was a test of strength, team work and showing personalities. It was really a successful activity and we ended it by night. Here are some of the pictures:

ready for some action

picture time!

wacky poses


getting some instructions

currently at the activity

picture again

the sun comes down, more activities to come! :)

It was an overnight team building and it was so much fun. It was a happy team for having an amazing team building experience. :)

How to get there:

Botolan, Zambales was accessible through land. From Manila, take a Victory Liner bus bound for Iba or Sta. Cruz, Zambales. Along the beautiful road of Zambales, Botolan was just before the Iba. There were several beach resorts along the main road, particularly at Binoclutan district which they also called the "Beach Capital" of Botolan. More information below:

Victory Liner -
List of Beach Resorts -

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