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Friday, September 28, 2012

Hanging out at Plaza Heneral Santos, General Santos City

Name of Trip: My Mindanao Family Affair 2010
Date: May 22 - 27, 2010
Destination: General Santos City, Sarangani Province & Davao city
Travel via: Air (Philippine Airlines & Cebu Pacific), Land (van, tricycle, bus)

Plaza Heneral Santos at night

After we spend on 3 hour bus ride from Davao City, we finally reached General Santos City. We headed back to my aunt's house and I saw my cousin who celebrated her birthday. I asked some of my nieces to buy a cake and we went to Red Ribbon in KCC Mall of Gensan. But before we went there, we dropped by to Plaza Heneral Santos.

Welcome to Plaza Heneral Santos

This was located at Pendatun Avenue and it was considered as city's kilometer zero as compared to Rizal Park in Manila. City Hall was located at the back of plaza. Plaza is a Spanish word for park. This was unveiled last September 2009 and it is one of visited areas in the city. 

me with MagandanGensSan logo

at the Plaza

another shot

This was also General Paulino Santos monument was erected here. He was the found of the city and the city was named after him. He was the one who established this city who was formerly named Buayan and later named Dadiangas until it changed to General Santos. The remains of General Santos and wife Elisa Santos were placed inside the monument.

General Santos Monument

me at the monument

another shot

City Hall at the back of the monument

another shot 

the night started to fall

We bought a cake and back to my aunt's house to celebrate my cousin's birthday. They also said that it was a "despedida" party of me since I will be leaving to Manila the next day. It was sad but I told them that I enjoyed my stay here and tour around the province and even went to Davao City. After some dinner, I invited my nephews and nieces to be at the plaza at night. They granted my request. :)

I took this shot!

our shot!

the other one, blurred edition! :)

against the light!

my nephews and nieces

with lights

another photo

sitting at the park

nice hang out

It was a great chill out with them since we have some talks and sharing stories while at the plaza. We also went to Coffee Club 101 at Robinsons Gensan for some quick coffee talk.  Though a bit short, we enjoyed doing this and I thanked them for having some time while staying here in General Santos. :)

Continue to the next blog! :)

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