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Thursday, November 1, 2012

I ♥ Baguio City! - Part 1/2

At Burnham Park Lagoon

To be honest, the moment that I will share my blog about Baguio, it gives me a lot excitement to share my travel experience in the City of Pines. Baguio really closes to my heart and I consider as my favorite or best destination for my vacation. Maybe because of the climate and the atmosphere, but overall Baguio never fails to impress me. As you noticed, Baguio topped on the frequent travels and I did it once in a year. :)

This time, I and the rest of my team went to Baguio onboard the reliable Victory Liner which already Wi-Fi and we enjoyed it since we left at Cubao Bus Terminal at 12:30AM. There many passengers waiting for their time and glady we were able to get some tickets to Baguio. Fare cost PHP450 which includes PHP5 insurance fee.

Waiting at the Terminal

At Victory Liner

Cubao Terminal

onboard Victory Liner Bus to Baguio

We were 11 in a group and some of us went asleep since we traveled at midnight and some of them use Wi-Fi service to do internet. Our travel time was 6 hours and we have 2 stop overs. By 6AM we arrived at Baguio City. We rented a house which was also the same house during my previous vacation in the city. It was located at Trancoville area. We rode a taxi and we arrived at the house 20 minutes later.

at the transient house

with the boys

and the girls

cooking breakfast

our breakfast meal

picture with the group

solo pic

breakfast is ready! :)

After we had our breakfast, we took rest first and then started to roam around Baguio City. Places we went were familiar since it was already featured in previous blogposts. Here are some of the places we visited:

1. Burnham Park

What recognize is the fact that this is the center of Baguio for many activities such as Christmas event and the very famous Panagbenga Festival which happens every February. It was also a main jeepney stop to all destinations in Baguio City. There is a man made lagoon at the center which some of them had a boat ride.

2. Wright Park / The Mansion

One jeepney ride from Baguio Plaza (Burnham Park) is Wright Park. We rode a jeepney bound for Mines View and asked the driver to drop us at Wright Park. We took many steps until finally reached Wright Park and few walk from there is The Mansion. 

3. Mines View Park

After spending minutes in The Mansion, we hailed a taxi and brought us to Mines View. It is one of the tourist attraction of Baguio. They considered it a great view and I like for a fact that this place never change from the last time I went here. This is also a place to buy pasalubong such as peanut brittle, lengua de gato, choco flakes and Good Shepherd's products such as Ube Jam, Strawberry Jam, Alfajor,  Cashew Brittle and many more.

4. SM City Baguio

Located at the heart of Baguio. It was easily seen because the mall was on top of a hill. It is the only mall that has no aircondition system. But for me, it is one of the best design mall. Many people flocked to this place to shop, dine and of course see the view of the city, day and night. :)

5. Session Road

After SM Baguio, we had our night walk to the famous Session Road. This is where the "Ayala" or the main street of Baguio due to different shops and establishments along this area. It is also the activity center especially during parades and festivals. 

We went back to our house in Trancoville to take some dinner and have some chit-chat before we sleep. It was tiring due to lot of places we went but we enjoyed visiting once place to another. Baguio has many places to visit and I myself still enjoyed touring with them though I visited these several times.  

jeepney ride

picture time!

back to the transient house

dinner time!

Happy eating! :)

Continue to Part 2! :)

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