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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kari na sa (Come to) Masskara Festival - Bacolod City!

Happy Masskara Festival!

Bacolod is a City of Smiles and the reason why are we in Negros Occidental is to participate the main event which is the Masskara Festival. Personally, this is my favorite festival and I invited my friends and officemates to witness the cultural activity of the city that blended their tradition and personality. 

It was a fun-filled activity particularly it was a hot sunny afternoon and parade was started. There many puppet that shaped like a Masskara and it was theme for that year. All of us enjoyed and we took many photos after photos. 

Warning: Overwhelming photos here. No photo caption. Just pictures... :)

It was a great moment for us since the weather really cooperate during the event. I myself was very happy because it was my first time to saw a puppet themed Masskara event and ended with a street parade of the performers which was held at the Bacolod City Plaza. It was a nice experienced for all of us. More sweats poured on our shirts, we didn't bother that. It was a nice cultural event that is unique in the Philippines. :)

After that, we went to Manokan Country for our dinner. We passed many people since we were at Araneta Street and entered to the plaza. After that, we went to Reclamation area that headed to SM City Bacolod. We proceed to Aida's Manokan which was very famous. We enjoyed eating chicken inasal with our bare hands. It was a great, satisfying meal with less cost. :)

The famous chicken inasal house

waiting for our meal

my Chicken Inasal meal for only PHP70!

picture at Manokan Country

Some of the group left to catch the last trip of Ceres bus to Dumaguete City and the rest of us went to the famous Calea. It is one of the best cake shop in Bacolod. I already mentioned on the previous blog. I enjoyed of going back since their cakes are heavenly delicious. We went to the main branch which was along Lacson Street facing L Fisher Hotel. The moment we went, there were many customers lining up the counter. We patiently waited and grab a cake which only costs PHP90 per slice! :)

see the crowd inside

love the cakes

want to take home! :)

It was great experience for us here in Bacolod City. They also enjoyed the stay. It was also fulfilling on my part because I have been here for the third time during festival and it never fails to impress me about the great event. It was a fantastic day for us. :)

Damo gid nga Salamat Bacolod! Kari na sa Masskara Festival! :)

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  1. this is one festival that never fail to amaze the excitement and the fun.


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