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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Visiting the Mystic Island of Siquijor

Welcome to Siquijor

Some of my friends asked, Why Siquijor? They wondered on what will I do to this place since I have no people I know or any relative to this island province. I explained to them that I have friends and officemates there and I also wanted to visit this place to explore the mysterious of the island so to speak. They even said that I should be extra careful because you never know what will happen since it was my first time to visit the place. But deep inside, I was excited.

Source: Wikipedia

This island was still part of Central Visayas where it was the middle of Cebu, Bohol and Negros Oriental separated by seas. This island province once called by Spaniards "Isla de Fuego" or Island of Fire because the island was full of glow at night due to numerous fireflies surrounded molave trees in the island. What seems to be the talk of the people when it comes to Siquijor was the mysterious of the province. It was a long reputation as a place for magic and sorcery that attracts visitors and sometimes keeps them away. Actually, this island have many places to visit and attractions to offer. You will find out here especially on our travel to this island province. 

We left Dumaguete port as early as 6AM for a fastcraft going to the capital town of Siquijor. It was an hour and 45 minutes boat ride but it seems I was not used to it due to numerous waves along Bohol Sea. The moment we arrived at Siquijor port, I went a sigh of relief and I saw a welcome sign that we were now in Siquijor.

at the port

Siquijor port

ready to disembark

disembark time

picture time!

Welcome to Siquijor!

I'm in Siquijor!

nice to be here!

group pic

another one!

full crowd

Welcome to Siquijor Plaza / Siquijor Church

We rode a jeepney and we arrived at the Siquijor Plaza and Siquijor Church shortly since it was nearer to the port area. This place was so quiet and we took some photos here. However the church was close and we only took the marker and the church front. The church was old and small but it was beautiful.

Welcome Sign

Siquijor Church

Small but beautiful

me infront of the church

the history marker

me and Gina

at the history marker

my welcome mark

The Triangular Landmark

Visit to a Friend's House

We visited to a house along Siquijor which was a short 15 minute ride from the plaza. Her mother greeted us and we went inside to their house. They welcomed us and they were accommodating. We ate breakfast and lunch there. They treated us with many foods such as lechon, humba and so much more. 


inside the house

picture picture!

lunch is serve

happy eating!

Off to Salagdoong Beach

Literally, we roamed around the island passing all the towns of the province. After the capital town of Siquijor, we passed two towns named Larena and Enrique Villanueva until we reached the town of Maria after almost one hour of road trip. After that, we went to Salagdoong Beach. It was so nice and I appreciate the beauty of Siquijor the moment we arrived to this place. Water was colored blue which symbolizes that the water is very clean. We went to diving area which according to them that once you jump to this place, it was more than 20 feet below. Quite scary but we manage to see the view down below. Great moment to take pictures but we didn't swim. I just love the beauty of it. :)

Source: Wikipedia

The Beach

me going to diving/sliding area

nice! :)

my solo pic

another one

appreciate the view

the trippers

at the diving area

blue color water!

nice place!

some of the slides

very nice

thank you Salagdoong Resort!

Explore Cambugahay Falls

Another jeepney ride and take more than 30 minutes and we arrived at the town of Lazi. Cambugahay Falls was very famous for its beauty. I liked for a fact that this is very good place of peaceful moment. This was the time that we went to swim. hehehehe! But nevertheless, we enjoyed it especially me.

Source: Wikipedia

off to the falls

This way please...

going down

glimpse of the falls

dip to the falls

nice one!

happy time

nice! :)

happy me!

yey! :)

solo pic

Cambugahay Falls at the back

Visiting Lazi Town Proper

Lazi town was so quiet compared to the capital town. I also loved the serenity of the place and I saw different types of trees and old structures. You will feel like that you are in the 18th to 19th century. I do appreciate for a fact that people here are quite mysterious about us since we were tourists but they were friendly on us. We went to the church but it was closed that time. We roamed around a bit and took some photos.

Lazi town proper

Lazi Church

History Marker

Old Structure

Buy Pasalubong! :)

Back to Capital town, Siquijor

After that, we went to Siquijor to freshen up and at 4PM we went to Siquijor port on our scheduled ride and this time a big RORO to Dumaguete. We bid farewell to our friends in Siquijor and we said that we will back sometime to visit some other areas. It was a two hour trip and it was a smooth ride this time. 

rented jeepney ride

ride a RORO to Dumaguete

picture time


me onboard RORO

manning the ship! :)

at the captain's corner

picture time

Bye Siquijor!

See you again soon! :)

left Siquijor

sailing seas

approaching Negros Oriental

nearer to Dumaguete City

move nearer

a little more

sun comes down

Welcome Back Dumaguete City!

to the pier

back to Negros Island

Still mysterious? Yes of course. But I realized that the beauty of Siquijor kept its secret that is why it remained beautiful as it is. I enjoyed my whole day stay in the island. It erased my impression about the province and I found the place very safe. It is a worth visit, just hop to a fast craft and just sail away! :)

How to get there:
There were numerous trips to Siquijor. From Dumaguete port, schedules were indicated and fare was just PHP175 which includes PHP160 ticket cost and PHP15 Terminal fee. Travel time is between 1.5 to 2 hours. Once you get there, there were several modes of transportation. From multicab to habal-habal (motorcycle back-ride) which fare ranges from PHP10 to PHP100. Places were easier to find. People in Siquijor are friendly and they are willing to assist you for directions. 

More information about Siquijor:
Government Website:

Daghang Salamat (Thank you) Siquijor! :)


  1. was there last weekend too. rented a motorbike from das traum to get around. arrived late in the afternoon in salagdoong, and caught up by darkness on the way back. somewhere around san juan and siquijor, the motorbike's light went dead... i didn't know how to move forward as it's as dark as black around. Thank god after some 20 minutes figuring out, i realized i have a flashlight in my backpack

  2. Hey you! Nice blogging here. I like that your entries are personalized and that helpful tips are provided. I'm originally from Davao and appreciate your blog during your trip. On your next visit to Davao, I suggest you stop by the beaches at Samal Island. Keep on travelling!

  3. I enjoy reading your escapades with your so-called gang! Good to travel with kindred spirits!! and this post about Siquijor grabbed my attention. I also want to go there someday!!

    Keep on traveling! Cheers!


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