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Friday, November 2, 2012

I ♥ Baguio City! - Part 2/2

Me @ Baguio Cathedral

This is the continuation of our trip to the Summer Capital. As previously mentioned, Baguio never fails to impress me. Even I've been here for several times, it still top on my list of favorite vacation. During our stay in Baguio, temperature was not as cold as expected but still we enjoyed it. On our second day, we went to different places in and out of the city.

1. Baguio Cathedral

You will easily notice this landmark along the city. This place is a center of faith in Baguio. Many people flocked to church to hear mass particularly on Sundays and holidays. It was a great way to visit. we also lighted candles and say a little prayer.

2. Strawberry Farm

Situated at La Trinidad, the capital of Benguet and few minute ride from Baguio City. It is one of favorite place that we visited. We loved to see different planted strawberries, flowers and vegetables. This is also a place for buying pasalubong and fresh vegetables. I tried also their famous Strawberry Taho. :)

Our travel on day 2 was shorter since we have to go back to transient house to prepare for lunch since we almost spent 3-4 hours at the Strawberry Farm to buy our pasalubong. We cooked vegetables, Filipino style and we ate afterwards. 

We decided not to roam around and we spent inside the transient house until we left by 3PM. I thanked 'Manang' for her accommodating with us. It was a great staying at Baguio and indeed a nice vacation for the whole team.

We arrived at Victory Liner Terminal at 4PM and the terminal looked like an airport and good thing we bought tickets in advance. We left Baguio City at 4:30PM and during our trip, huge flog covered our way and it was so cool. It took more than 30 minutes until it faded. It was a very nice experience. Baguio remain my ideal vacation and it will remain my favorite destination.

Thank you once again Baguio! :)

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