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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Going to Maasim, Sarangani Province

At Lemlunay Beach Resort

We headed south of General Santos City and this time we passed different districts such as Calumpang and Tambler. After that we headed to a road travel south and we approached the sign,  "Welcome to Sarangani Province".  :)
Here's the signage

It was a smooth road travel to Sarangani. Road were paved along the way. Thanks to the Sarangani government for building and maintenance of their roads which it was very helpful for economic and tourism. Actually, Sarangani was divided into two where General Santos City is the connector. We went to the other side which was on the left. Travel was a breeze as we approached the first town of Maasim.

Map of Maasim. Source: Wikipedia

Along our way, we saw beautiful scenery and just passed along Sarangani Bay is breathtaking. I took my camera and grab a great shot along our way. It was so nice to visit the other side of the country. My gang friends were also amazed the beauty because they can't imagine that they went as far as this. We were so excited to saw great places along our way.

Big shell stuck at the mountain! 

Sarangani Coastline

Sarangani Bay

In few minutes, we arrived at Lemlunay Beach Resort. It was one of the many beach resorts in this town. It was recommended by my relative that they stayed there for dinner party. Place was nice and since we were just a walk in guests, gladly no entrance fee! It was such a great deal. So we headed to the coastline and saw the beauty of Sarangani Bay.

arrived at Lemlunay Resort

entrance to the resort

up close

motorboat at the bay

nice looking Sarangani Bay

great view on the other side

calm bay

picture at Sarangani Bay

another side

picture with the gang

my nephews and niece

The resort was more on the diving area because the water was so deep. But anyway, the view was breathtaking and we took picture after picture at the resort. We had fun there and after that we left and went back to General Santos. But before we proceed, we took some photos along the way. Here are some of the photos we took.

shot at the Lemlunay before we leave

nice coastline

along the main road of Sarangani

my solo shot

and another

It was a great moment especially with my friends to visit the other side of the country. I immediately asked if this part of Mindanao safe? All answered, not all in Mindanao are not safe such as this one. It was a good promotion on the province because it shows a lot of potential especially in tourism. It was great pleasure to visit Sarangani and hope to visit soon! :)

Thank you Sarangani Province

How to get there?
There were jeepneys and vans that ply to this province. Your initial point will be at General Santos. If you want to visit on the western side of Sarangani, towns were Maasim, Kiamba and Maitum. On the eastern side, Alabel, Malapatan, Malungon and the famous Glan for Gumasa beach. Travel time takes 45 minutes to one and a half hours. I have no idea about the fare but according to my relatives in Gensan, it ranges from PHP40 to PHP120.

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