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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Seafoods for Pasalubong at General Santos City

Thanks RDEX!

What comes into your mind about bringing a pasalubong from General Santos? From malong or sarong that we bought earlier at the public market and to asparagus and durian candies at Durian Farm. Another great pasalubong that we bought here was of course, tuna! :)

Good thing that my nephew brought us to the two of the major suppliers of seafoods in the city. These are RDEX and Citra Mina. There were many tuna products that sold here. Aside from tuna, other fish and sea food products were sold at a lower price. Many of my friends bought their pasalubong and they were excited because of the freshness but also the lower price. 

array of sea food products

happy to see them buying!

at the counter

me at RDEX

with my nephew and niece

they bought their pasalubong!

to the Citra Mina

inside and waiting for their packed pasalubong

thank you to Citra Mina

Make sure that once you are at the Tuna Capital, visit their seafood market and buy their products at affordable price. Many products to choose from: from fresh, frozen and even processed tuna products (sausages, tocino, nuggets, etc).

How to get there?
RDEX and Citra Mina stores are located along National Highway. It is very easy to locate. Just ask the tricycle driver to drop you to these shops. Store opens daily from 07:00AM to 07:00PM.

Citra Mina Webiste:

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