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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Travel to Talicud Island, Samal

boarding a boat to Talicud Island

Seems all of us were excited about our next adventure. After we spend a whole day activities roaming around Davao City, it's time for us to do a side trip to nearby islands. We went to Island Garden City of Samal or IGACOS which was called by people here. It was a short boat ride from Davao City so travel time was a breeze. Actually, the island was easily viewed from the city itself.

Talicud Is. (left) & Samal Is (right) Source: Wikipedia

We were told that the best way to be at Talicud Island is through Sta. Ana Wharf. We went there at 8AM but we dropped by to Jollibee Drive Thru and bought our meals. After that we arrived at wharf and we paid PHP80 boat fare to Talicud Island. We rode Isla Reta boat which we will be heading to their resort. Travel time was approximately one hour. The weather was fine and waters were calm and it was a great journey to the island.

Isla Reta boat

ready for the adventure

excited too

left Davao City

passing Davao Gulf

that's Pearl Beach Farm

passing Samal Island

approaching Talicud Island

moving closer

happy traveling

draw closer to Talicud

me and the Talicud Island

my self pic

excited to be there

closer to the island

and closer

Welcome to Talicud

middle of two islands

docked off from the boat

nice to be here

Once we got off from the boat, we experienced a great time to the island. It was a great pleasure to visit and having a great vacation. All of us were excited to explore and appreciated the beauty of the island. We headed to the resort for registration and the great adventure began! :)

How to get there?

Sta. Ana Wharf is the best point when you want to travel to Talicud Island. Actually, there were several ports or wharf across the city and Sta. Ana Wharf is the way to travel to the island the easiest. It is located within the Chinatown district of the city. It was a short walk from Ramon Magsaysay Park. There were many ferries catered to and from Samal/Talicud Island but if you want to do our trip,  Isla Reta boat departs at 9AM so be at the wharf for at least an hour to avail this trip.  :)

Continue to the next blog! :)

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