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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Swimming Time at Isla Reta Beach Resort, Talicud Island

One of the best beach resort in Samal

We were truly amazed once we stepped down from a boat and we witnessed the beauty of the resort. We were really excited and experienced a true vacation. After our one hour boat ride from Davao City, we were greeted by the beauty of this place. Isla Reta Beach Resort for us it is a paradise to reckoned with.

went off from a boat ride

arrived at last! :)

Welcome to the resort

under a big tree

We had to register at the reception area and we saw the list price of the resort. We were amazed that the day entrance only cost PHP75 per head with free use of cottages was a very good deal for all of us. It was a great vacation for us indeed. :)

List of Prices as of June 2012

After that, we started to roam around the resort and it was truly a powdered white sand and clear blue waters. There were few of us during that time and it was a great moment for us to roam and see the beauty of the resort. We took photos after photos especially the name logo of the resort which identified that we were here. :)

great way to start your beach vacation!

love it! :)

great resort

Welcome to Paradise! 

walk along the shores

the name of the resort

me and the logo name

pure white sand beach

great to walk because of pure white sand!

The best way to appreciate the beauty by do the swimming. We rested a bit and some of us were changing clothes to swimwear but I myself started to swim and mind you, it was a great thing to appreciate it. I love the water temperature. We had our great time to swim and all of us enjoyed the moment. :)

have fun

enjoy swimming

clear waters


jumping at waters

enjoy to swim

more fun

enjoy the heat and swimming! :)

wave of fun

my self pic


great clear water

really more fun in Davao! :)

After our swimming moment, we took our lunch at the cottage. We bought our food at Jollibee in Davao City but one my friends bought fish from nearby market and asked to cook sinigang, which it was a soup based dish. We enjoyed our lunch under a big Talisay tree which used as our cottage. The best thing was it's free! :)

take a break

meal time

enjoying our lunch!

Fish Sinigang! :)

After our lunch, we headed to the shore and do some walking. We loved the pure white sand and some of us did a barefoot walking. We took our photos and have fun. :)

reaching on the other side

other camera shot

happy to be here!

see the sand...

beautiful resort

jump shot

pose along the rocks

my self photo at the resort

enjoy the moment

clear and calm water

Enjoy! :)

We had our great time at Isla Reta and we spent at the resort for more than four hours. After that, we had to change clothes and we headed to our next journey to the Samal Island. It was indeed a great vacation and swimming moment with my friends. It was one of the best things that happened on our Mindanao adventures. Stay tune to our next events! :)

More information on Isla Reta Beach Resort:

How to get there?
We went there by a boat and we rode Isla Reta boat which left at Sta. Ana Wharf at 9AM. If you want to know the details, check out this blog. If you decided to be back to Davao City by afternoon, Isla Reta boat departure time from the resort is at 3PM. But mind you, if you want to experience adventure at Samal Island,   check our adventures on my next blog post. :)

More fun at Samal Island on the next blog! :)

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