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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Enjoying Davao City Nightlife - People's Park

Big Philippine Eagle diorama

It was a great night since it was our first day and first time for my friends to visit Davao City. They were amazed the beauty and the cleanliness of the city. It was a safe place to visit. After we went tio Jack's Ridge, we had our dinner at Penong's which we tasted one of their best, lechon manok (roasted chicken). We had our great time especially we were hungry. :)

Dinner time! :)

We walk a little and we arrived at the People's Park. For me, it is one of the best parks in the country. Once we went inside, we were showcased the beauty and the cultures of Davao and Mindanao. We were greeted a large Philippine Eagle and we had time taking photos there. According to the research, it was built last 2007 by former Mayor and now Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and this place was used for many activities such as Araw ng Davao which happens every March 15, Kadayawan Festival which happens every August, orchid shows and many more.

Welcome to People's Park! 

group pic

at the Durian shaped amphitheater 

picture with the big Philippine Eagle

huge diorama

me and the Philippine Eagle

up close

We were amazed those sculptures made by a Davaoeno, Kublai Millan. He was the one who made the Larger than Life sculpture artwork which was shown here at the park. It was also a place of picnic, jogging, exercise and other recreational activities but there were reminders about the cleanliness of the park which was consistently monitored and maintained by Davao City government.

great work

group picture

my self photo

picture with Mayor and Vice Mayor of Davao City

I have been here for two times already and I were amazed the beauty of the park. It was well maintained and it was free from trashes which Davao shown discipline to the city ordinance. My friends also love the place and it was a nice place to relax. When you are in Davao City, make sure you visit this place and see the beauty and amazed the artworks of Davao. :)

The good news is that there were no entrance fee to this park. Just go there and appreciate the beauty of People's Park! :)

How to get to there?
The Park is situated in the heart of the city right across Casa Leticia at the corners of Jose Camus and J. Palma Gil streets, and is a walking distance from Apo View Hotel, Mandaya Hotel, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, commercial establishments, and entertainment areas.

Continue to the next blog about Davao City Nightlife! :)

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