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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Enjoying Davao City Nightlife - Jack's Ridge

Me @ Jack's Ridge, Davao City

The sun sets in and Davao started to pour those lights and city nightlife began. Davao is also one of the colored nightlife cities in the Philippines. There were many establishments and structures around the city. Malls and hotels were scattered and it was a vibrant color of lights surrounded the big city.

We ourselves enjoyed our stay in Davao and after we visited Eden Nature Park, we traveled back to Davao City proper but before we had our dinner, we passed and took some photos at Jack's Ridge. This was situated along Matina Hills, one of the highest point in Davao City downtown. On top of the hills, there's a restaurant with overlooking the city lights. We were amazed the beauty of the city and also the location of the restaurant. We decided not to eat there, but also to take photos. :)

Davao name in steel work form

Welcome to Jack's Ridge

picture time!



self pic with the Lumads

Davao City at night

enjoying myself the lights

group pic

Enjoy Davao! :)

History of Jack's Ridge

once it was part of water

Trivia: A brief history of what Davao is millions of years ago, where this very spot was under sea water. As what was the written in the above picture: 

"Unbelievable as it may seem, the land you are standing on was under the sea millions of years ago. These taklobo shells right here at Jack's Ridge, are silent witness to Davao's watery past."

There were no entrance fee to the site. It is also a place for dining since there were plenty of restaurants, bars and shops such as Taklobo Restaurant, Kai's Bar and Grill and Karlo's Gourmet and Coffee Shop in which we spent there drinking coffee. There were other places here such as the souvenir shop, Tap Room Piano and KTV, cottages, swimming pool and amphitheater. It was one of tourist attraction of Davao City and you will definitely be passing or staying to this place to dine and take a great view of the city, day and much more at night! :)

More details here:

Jack's Ridge Resort and Restaurant
Address: Jack's Ridge Resort and Restaurant Corp.
                Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City 8000
Telephone: 63.82.2978830 to 31
Telefax:        63.82.2976535

How to get there: 
Jack's Ridge is easily accessible and Davao people knew this place. Take a taxi and it will take you 25 to 30 minutes from the city proper. Follow the map:

Continue to the next blog about Davao City Nightlife! :)

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