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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boat Ride from Talicud Island to Samal Island

Welcome to Samal Island! :)

We were having a great time at Samal. We enjoyed our experience and it was truly one of the best on our Mindanao trip. After our swimming moments at Isla Reta Beach Resort, we rode a motor boat to the main island of Samal. 

From Isla Reta to Kaputian. See Map

Actually, the moment we arrived to Isla Reta Beach Resort, I asked one of the owners of motor boat on a trip to Kaputian (one of the districts in Samal). He told me it was PHP400 but I did haggling with the price and until we reached to PHP350. I asked my friends and since we were eight and we divided the expenses so it was PHP43.75 each person. All of us agreed to the cost and I told him to fetch us at 2:30PM. We had our precious time at the resort. We went swimming, strolling along the sea shores, taking photos where it was one of the best places we went. Until the owner approached us to informed the time and we prepared ourselves and at 2:15PM, the boat was about  to arrived.

onboard a motorboat

me before boarding

ready to board

me with the gang

another shot

my solo pic

Bye Talicud Island

sail away

me at the middle of two islands

happy me

Approaching Kaputian Beach Resort

at Kaputian, Samal Island

disembarking the boat

Kaputian Beach Resort

We had our smooth sailing on the motorboat. Travel time was approximately 20 minutes and it was very short and we started on our next adventure in the main island of Samal. Make sure you try this in your itinerary to Davao and Samal Island. :)

How to get there?
There were several motorboats on both islands. Traveling to these islands was very easy. Just ask to the owner about the price which usually ranges from PHP300 to PHP400. The trick is to do a haggle and mind you, they are generous so keep on haggling. :) 

Continue to the next Samal Island adventures! :)

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  1. The sea is very beautiful and I love how clear the water is. How much is the boat ride? I've heard great reviews about Samal Island. I really want to go here after our dolphins oban trip and of course, after we arrive in the Philippines.


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