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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Road Trip along Samal Island

meet Princess Dapia

We went off from motorboat and we proceed to the Kaputian Beach Resort. We just passed along the resort the area to visit the creature that was preserved few years ago. She was named Princess Dapia. A dugong or sea cow that was found dead along the Kaputian shores and decided to have this preserved and installed on this district. The moment we went there, we were amazed because it was huge. But we were sad about what happened to this creature. But nevertheless, it was a great moment that we visited here and we took pictures.

there she is

group picture with the Princess

another one

its huge!

up close

me and Princess Dapia

We went back to the Kaputian district highway and there were several motorcycles surrounded us asked for a habal-habal (Single) ride. We politely declined it since we were in a group and we brought bags so it was impossible but one of us was excited to have this road trip but we decided to use a bus on our trip along Samal Island.

More kilometer ride to our next destination

I asked some of the locals here on where was the bus terminal of Island City Express Bus and they willingly assisted us since we looked like tourists but they were helpful on us. Along our way, we spotted a stall that sells banana, either in banana que (sugar coated banana fritters) or ginanggang or grilled banana with butter and sugar bits. I chose the latter since it was unique and mind you, it was surprisingly delicious! :)

she cooked grilled bananas

bought one

happy eating! :)

Good thing that the bus was not yet leaving since the driver took a meal break. We waited for almost 10 minutes until we left Kaputian.  We paid PHP30 bus fare to Babak, another district of the island. Travel time was 45 minutes and we passed the great views of the island and we saw Davao City in the far end. We passed alsp PeƱaplata district until we reached Babak district. It was a great adventure and we were excited to our next destination. :)

onboard Island City Express Bus

busy eating

happily seated infront

highway view

overlooking Davao Gulf

along the highway

at PeƱaplata Bus Stop

How to get there?

By boat - As I mentioned on previous blog, the best way to visit Samal Island by boat is through Santa Ana Wharf which was few blocks from Magsaysay Park and Chinatown district in Davao City. Fare varies per boat. Better check earlier their schedule in order not to be left out due to increasing number of passengers before the scheduled departure time.  Fare ranges from PHP70 to PHP100. Travel time is almost an hour.

By bus - The only bus that travels from Davao City to Samal Island is the Island City Express. It is a non-aircon bus. Terminals were located at Magsaysay Park or at the IGACOS Ferry Terminal in JP Laurel street. Bus schedules were on this website. Fare ranges from PHP10 to PHP65.
BUS ROUTE: Agdao to Km 11 Wharf (Davao City), Ferry Service to Kinawitnon Wharf, to Kaputian via Babak and Penaplata (Samal Island) & vice versa.

Continue to the next Samal Island travel blog! :)

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