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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Captivating Laoag: Strolling Time @ Laoag City Capitol Area

Ilocos Norte Provincial Capitol

After taking my quick lunch at Macy's Diner, I took my first stroll at Laoag City. The city is called Sunshine City and it was seen across the city proper. It is the capital city of Ilocos Norte and one of the most important cities in the Northern Luzon. It was also a first class city. The name Laoag came from an Ilocano word for "light".

Source: Wikipedia

It was a short walk from the restaurant and I headed to Aurora Park, in which Ilocos Norte Provincial Capitol stood infront of the park. Small rain didn't affect my walk since I had my umbrella and I was fascinated on the beauty of the capitol, and the park of course. 

The Provincial Capitol

A neo-classical architectural design which the governor of Ilocos Norte housed and took the office. Governor Imee Marcos is the current governor and she had done many achievements in this province. It is a place of the Ilocos Norte's seat of power. Once you arrived to Laoag, you will be greeted by this structure and it is really a worth to visit. 

The four pillars of the capitol

The Capitol and the Peace Pole

at Aurora Park

with a fountain infront of the capitol

great place to relax

Aurora Park

This was located infront of the capitol building. It was greatly design and I saw the white peace pole. It looked like a oblation for me but it was built for attaining peace worldwide. This place had history and this park was erected several years ago.

Park as seen from the Provincial Capitol

The Fountain with Pamulinawen on top

me with the Peace Pole and the Capitol

nice shot

great time to visit

Tobacco Monopoly Monument

This is a landmark to honor Ilocos Norte's end of monopolizing the tobacco from 1782 to 1882. It was a huge achievement for the Ilocanos since tobacco is one of the source of their livelihood. It was built out of bricks and it was easily seen at Aurora Park.

Their symbol of liberation

History Marker

on another angle

picture time

smile! :)

Marcos Hall of Justice & Laoag City Hall

Situated on the left side of Aurora Park, these two were different to one another. Marcos Hall of Justice was colored white, which closely similar with the Provincial Capitol. The Laoag City Hall was made out of bricks, which was closely similar with the Tobacco Monopoly Monument. It was a Spanish-inspired building and it was situated at the end of Gilbert Bridge.

The Hall of Justice

on my way to the City Hall

The Tobacco Monopoly and the Sinking Bell Tower

City Hall made of red bricks

feels like you are in Spanish era

inside the Sunshine City! :)

Museo Ilocos Norte

It was located on the right side of the Provincial Capitol. It was built and inaugurated last 1977. The place was showcased the different events that molded and inspired the province. It was formerly a tobacco storage house and the place where artifacts and things about the province were displayed here. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go inside but I was able to take some shots. :)

another brick structure

Museo Ilocos Norte

infront of the registration

I was able to visit these place by walking. Laoag City was great place to visit and explore their sites through walking. Rain or shine, I was very happy of achieving this. I also learned about their history so it's really a worth visiting. :)

Nice Welcome to Laoag indeed! :)

Continue to the next blog! :)

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