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Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Ilocos Norte Foodtrip @ Macy's Diner, Laoag City

First Ilocano Meal on this trip

After I arrived from Laoag Airport and done check-in at Isabel Suites, I was so hungry and I found something to eat. Since it was a brunch (combination of breakfast and lunch), I decided to eat at the fastfood since it was just beside the hotel. However, being in this place wanted to crave on their food and taste the authentic Ilocano dishes which it was part of the things to do here in Ilocos Norte. So then on, I decided to took my eating, the Ilocano way. :)

Good thing that the staff of the hotel gave me some options on where and what to eat at Laoag City. I should even go to the market but it take me one tricycle ride from the hotel. Until one guy approached me and he pointed Macy's Diner which was just along the road in which it was a short distance from the hotel. After that, I thanked him and started to walk until I reached this place.

The colorful Macy's Diner

walking distance from the hotel

finally arrived

It was an American inspired, ala-60's era restaurant that served both Filipino and American dishes.  It was also served Ilocano cuisine in which I was more interested to try and taste it. The place was easily seen since it was along the main road of Laoag and you will pass this if you will be going to Pagudpud and other upper towns of the province. The restaurant was located in Hotel Tiffany. As I went inside the restaurant, I was like in an American boulevard with many pictures and signages which you will felt that you are not in the Philippines. But the moment, a crew handed the menu book, that's the time you are in the Philippines because if the Ilocano food that they served.

nice interiors

looks like you are in American resto

their Menu book

checking out Ilocano dishes

waiting for my meal

time to take photo while waiting

some of the interior shots

Good thing that seats were not full and I transferred to another seats and took photos of different angles. Waiting for my meal was 20 minutes. I just ordered Hi-Bol (Beef Paksiw with noodles), which it was a typical noodles but the soup was sour. My drink was Malunggay (moringa oleifera) juice with a touch of calamansi (lime).

I was in America

American dream

happy to be here

Hi-Bol with Malunggay Juice

I love this meal! :)

headed to some area

Tarpaulin of Ilocos Norte's tourist attractions

the windmill and the lighthouse

My meal was great especially Hi-Bol. I love the sourness of the soup with a compliment of noodles. Beef was tender and nice. Malunggay juice was perfect drink. It comes with citric taste courtesy of calamansi extract. My meal costs only PHP110. The interior of the restaurant was good and relaxing so it was great dining experience here in Laoag City and started my great vacation ahead. :)

More Information on this Restaurant:

Macy's Diner
Address: Hotel Tiffany, Gen. Segundo Avenue, Laoag City
Contact Number: 077-7703551
Hours: 8:30AM - 9:30PM, Monday to Sunday


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